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 #51194  by RobCT
 Wed Feb 26, 2020 12:40 am
Good evening all. I have decided to sell my Kizashi, and figured what better place to list it than with fellow owners/appreciators of this unique vehicle.

My Kizashi is in very good order, as I will describe in further detail, please read on. Firstly you'll want to know the history of the car, I'll work backwards; it is currently my personal daily driver. The car lives in a covered carport, so it is somewhat but not fully out of the elements.

I am the second owner and bought it directly from the first. Before purchase I 'interrogated' him as to the way he cared for the car, and it was as a result of the good things I heard that the deal was sealed. Essentially, he loved and babied the car, the ideal scenario. The car was treated to only synthetic oil, driven carefully and regularly up the highway for a long distance commute.

His long distance freeway commute led to the vehicle having unusually high miles, but yet without the accompanying wear. It is about to hit 178k shortly. This leads to an incredibly good price for such a modern and road-ready vehicle.

The overall condition is indeed very good, with only minor cosmetic flaws on the outside (slight crease in trunk lid, otherwise no dents in any of the bodywork, very few scuffs and overall extremely glossy paint), and no real flaws on the inside to note.

The mechanicals are ready to go, with the exception that it needs tires and the right rear shock is blown. Can still be driven of course, but you'll want to address these. Finally, the brakes (while they perform just fine) are visually old-looking and thus you may suspect will need rotors soon.

If I swapped out the tires and right rear shock absorber, I wouldn't hesitate to drive this vehicle on a cross-country road trip. It is very much mechanically sound, all engine/transmission/steering/electrical systems etc. are in full working order. The A/C and heat as well are in full working order.

I will work on uploading photos of the vehicle shortly, please excuse the delay, it's been a while since I posted anything on a forum. My price is $3500 cash, picked up here in Wallingford, CT. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.
 #51195  by RobCT
 Wed Feb 26, 2020 12:56 am
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Also I figured in case anyone wonders regarding the trailer hitch, it was the previous owner's and I asked about it too. He assured me that it was for occasional (short) trips with a small boat.

He (and I as well) had long history of driving manual trans, and it shows, as the original clutch is going strong with no signs of wearing out any time soon.
 #51198  by Ronzuki
 Wed Feb 26, 2020 1:10 pm
Wallingford...I've made the commute up there many times in the Silver Bullet. (can't say I enjoyed any of those treks). Daughter was at QU. Nice looking car and possibly one of the best "For Sale" write-ups I've read in a long time. GLWTS. Sounds like a possible winner for someone looking for a MT Kizashi...of which there seem to be many lately.