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Can anything be done about the spammers that keep coming in here and posting clickbait garbage? If not, Might be time to shutter the ol' Kizashi club site for good.
Tom Kizzie
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Dont give up because of the lowlife spammers.

Who are the mods?
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While I do not have the ability to delete nor block any of the spam with the Mod privileges I possess, I have been in touch with those who can. They are aware, and it's likely something the Admins need to deal with. Please have patience, I know it's annoying.

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I've contacted the site owner and admin about the matter. He will likely make changes to the site to make it more spam-resistant soon. Hopefully, the site admin can update the settings to make fighting spammers and their spam more effective and efficient.
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I think I slowed them down for now.
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