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 #47627  by kimile
 Thu Aug 23, 2018 3:38 am
SamirD wrote:Wife lost our second fob a few years back and when I researched it back then, apparently there are only 4 slots on the ECU for fobs and each one is permanent. So if you program another one that leaves just one slot left. If for some reason the ebay one doesn't take, you'll be down to your last slot, and after that you have to replace the ecu.

The programming at the dealership is the most expensive part of the process and from what I recall, you're only saving about $50 going ebay vs dealership. I didn't seem worth the $50 gamble to me back then.

How to find a key programmer on ebay?
 #47851  by kimile
 Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:00 pm
ochy38 wrote:Bumping this old thread instead of starting new. GF lost one of her keyfobs, so she's down to one. Will any used kizashi fob on Ebay work to be reprogrammed at the dealer? Or does it have to be "unlocked"? I came across an article that said it needed to be an unlocked fob to work, but that was from a locksmith website with an interest in selling "unlocked" fobs...

hope you get the answer for the reprogram of the used key fob.
I also ask some of the local locksmith, some said they only do virgin key fob, some just say we can do it no problem