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 #52256  by Abdullah
 Sun Oct 25, 2020 1:45 pm
Hello my Kizashi brothers...
I hope all are doing well. I wanted to know if anyone can help me in tell if these are the correct pads for my 2015 Kizashi ( FWD )
Thank you for your time and assistance.ImageImage

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 #52259  by KlutzNinja
 Sun Oct 25, 2020 5:40 pm
I’ve heard of the Kizashi coming with Bosch brake pads from the factory, but more often, or at least in later model years (in the US), they came with Akebono pads. Akebonos aren’t as popular as the ubiquitous Brembos on performance vehicles, but they can be found on a few, like certain Volvo Polestar trims. These Polestars are very heavy due to having twin-charged engines and a plug-in hybrid system, and their Akebono pads do a respectable job in providing stopping power. Weirdly, some other Polestar trims get Brembos, so it kind of varies by model. The Akebono pads on the Kizashis are almost certainly not the same as those on the Polestars, but the brand is pretty well respected from what I’ve read and they’ve been around for a while.
 #52260  by SAEED_KIZZY
 Sun Oct 25, 2020 7:32 pm
Abdullah wrote:Any other brand you would recommend if someone has a heavy foot...

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Front brake pad of kizashi is the same as Nissan Qashqai with this PN

in my opinion ceramic pad is far better than OE. my orginial brake pad from company last 3 years the second OE pad only last 1.5 then I decided to use ceramic pad I use it for 3 years and still has 40% left.
 #52261  by Tom Kizzie
 Mon Oct 26, 2020 10:41 am
Suzuki is working with akebono brake system parts from day 1 on most every single suzuki that came from the factory.
Its possible you find akebono pads in your country. The shops i buy from have like 20 brands of brakepads made for the Akebono brake system but the pads are branded for example: bosch, brembo, ashuki, delphi, trw snd many more. I am using ashuki brakepads and sometimes bosch for our suzuki cars.

Other brakesystems sometimes used on suzuki cars: sumitomi and tokico... Though tokico is mostly used on suzuki motorcycles from my experience.