Auto folding mirrors activation

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Hi. After removing the battery terminals on my Kizashi, my rear-view mirrors stopped folding automatically when I close the doors.. I don't have a fold mirror button on the door panel, but everything worked before the change of battery! Mayby you know a combination on the dashboard (like on/off DRL or theft deterrent alarm system), which will allow me to restore it. I like this car and I want to have this function.

My local dealer say, that must be a retract button, but I know that retracting of mirrors worked without it!
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Where are you located? You must be in a market where that feature was offered by the factory.
Anyhow, I have no personal experience with it (no US models were sold with auto folding mirrors), but holding down the DISP button on the steering wheel for several seconds while the car is on but stopped will get you into a selection menu for some features of the vehicle. Try go through that menu and see if a setting is in there for the mirrors.
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