CVT trouble, I need help..

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Hi I have a 2011 sls awd. My cvt started not going into "high range". At first it was sparatic but now it seems to not want to go at all except once. I currently have codes p1818, p0777, p0848, and u0100. Im not sure if yhese codes are connected but since i had zero codes prior i imagine they are.. I'm at a loss. I replaced solenoids and pressure sensors with known good ones with no change. I'm not sure why solenoid b would be stuck on, and I don't have a bi-directional sca tool or one that reads suzuki codes but from what I can tell. Can anyone point me in the right direction. The only time it's kind of worked was when I accidentally put the wrong ROM back in the valve body, realized it, and put the original back in. It seemed to work again untill I shifted with the paddles. I can only got to about 20mph then the engine just over revs. I live in western PA and am fairly versed in mechanics but I'm not a transmission guy at all. Can anyone offer help or recommend anywhere honest? Honest mechanics are like unicorns in my area.
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Message Old Tech on this forum. He is in NW PA so maybe not that far from you. If he won't fix it, I say nobody will. Bring the car to him, don't drive it. By driving it you probably make your problem worse. I brought my car about two weeks ago to his shop all the way from MA. He rebuilt it in one day, plus fixed bunch of other things, like shocks and TPM sensor. Highly recommend!
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P0777 code is usually the first code to set. The explanation should be rewritten. It should read “pressure is lower than expected, as if solenoid B has stuck open “. The way the code is currently written leads you to believe that that is most likely your problem but on more than 500 transmissions Ive re-built, I haven’t found a bad solenoid yet. The very common failure is the primary pulley balls peel and break in half sometimes Jamming up the works and not letting it change ratio. Therefore it’s usually stuck in the lower range. When the vehicle is forced to march onward, there’s quite a bit of damage that happens to the secondary pulley and the belt and also the flow control valve. The rest of the transmission Holds up extremely well. I can rebuild your transmission for $850 with a warranty. Gillette Import Autowerks Linesville Pa

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