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 #48498  by KuroNekko
 Sat Dec 15, 2018 7:46 am
alexbtl wrote:I have SE AWD CVT which I use for winter commute only, yes you are right, the sway bar links make a cracking metal rubbing noise when you stop then move your car little bit front or reverse and turn the wheel, My car makes creaking noise only when I drive over a bump or dip on a straight line, it squats in the rear every time I drive over a bump or dip, it's easy to tell it is rear shocks, it could be cracked Coil spring also, I haven't taken a look at it yet

Given your descriptions, it's very likely the rear shocks. It's a common issue with this car in climates with moisture.
 #48596  by alexbtl
 Thu Jan 03, 2019 12:20 am
this is my latest update on rear shocks problem, I had time to look at my rear suspension this week, it looks like defective bump stop also affects rear sway bar in addition to affecting rear shocks, after I kept driving my Kiz with bad shocks , my rear sway bar also started making noise every time I turn in a curve though the noise is very subtle at this moment, it looks like I might have to replace my rear sway bar links also, I am at a point of ordering rear suspension components, before doing that, I wanted to check with you to see, if any one replaced their rear coil springs, when replacing their shocks and bump stops, appreciating your help in advance.

yesterday I received a recall letter from Suzuki North America about defective vent hose or vent filter in certain 2010-2013 Kizashi's , the letter said, they found few cases where a spider building web in the vent hose might build negative pressure in the vent that could in turn cause the fuel tank to explode and cause fire, they wanted me to wait till I receive the second letter from them before taking the car to the nearest authorized dealer for fix.
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