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 #49374  by KIZAWDinKC
 Sat May 25, 2019 3:59 am
I haven't posted here in years. Bought my AWD GTS Kizashi new back in late 2010.....I'm still driving it almost 9 years later. It's just a daily beater 'drive to work vehicle' now that allows for my other vehicle to stay parked. It has only 95K miles on it, of which is a little lower than average for the age. Only thing I've had to do with it since I bought it new was replace the water pump & belt last summer as a maintenance item even though it was still working. I replaced rear shocks. Been through several sets of tires. On 3rd battery. I did have two warranty items back when it was under 36K miles to replace a mechanism in the drivers seat that somehow broke and the known subwoofer vibration issue of the Rockford system that needed to be glued down better. Had a TPMS issue years ago after getting new tires that was finally resolved. Haven't had a problem since.

The car with its AWD still drives like a champ in snow with its new good tires i put on in November of 2018. Although the vehicle is dinged up with a worn-out suspension, the engine itself still runs like it's brand new. Very responsive. But that might be because i've always used synthetic oil with the Kiz, plus I've always driven it easy. I've never slammed the accelerator from a stop or rarely has the car ever been over 80 mph. And the drivers seat still fits me like a glove!!!! And I'm still amazed by the Rockford system. Just last week I was bluetoothing dolby 5.1 & bass sound samples from Youtube, and sound from the Rockford system is like sitting in a movie theater.

Don't know how much longer this car will last, but it keeps going and starts right up every time I hit that push-button-start. It's not worth much as a trade-in, which is why I've decided to just keep it and drive it even though I have another new vehicle. I think Suzuki built a good one. :drive:
 #49375  by Ronzuki
 Sat May 25, 2019 12:58 pm
My sentiments exactly. Thanks for coming back and providing the 9 year recap. Always good to hear about the less dramatic stories of "well, I just keep driving the car". Pretty much sounds like my 9 year ride as well. Only major difference, however, is I DD it now and garage IT in the winte to preserve the Kiz ('18 CX5 for winter duty), it sees 80+ mph regularly (purrs like a kitten), suspension is not new and nowhere near 'worn out' (still handles the twisties at ridiculous velocities), and I'm at 85k-ish miles. We'll have many more years of useful enjoyment out of these things as long as the CVTs hold up.

Wondering...have you ever replaced your CVT fluid and filters?
 #49454  by tbogan
 Fri Jun 07, 2019 9:35 pm
I also haven't posted here in years, but have been lurking recently, curious about how many of us are still driving our kizashi's. My 2012 Sport SLS just broke 100k, so what little resale value was left is pretty much shot! I still love the car, and haven't had to do anything other than scheduled maintenance. It's still tight, and fun to drive on the twisties, and I never see another one on the road. I'll keep driving her until I can't anymore. Who knows, maybe those of us that hang onto them for another 5+ years will be proud owners of a rare classic auto :)
 #49472  by gjsarris
 Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:28 pm
I'm driving a 2012 GTS Sport without the AWD bought it new from a closing Dealership at nearly half the MSRP price and have never had a regret on this purchase, 7 years later the car still runs great and its look still stands out in a crowd with its look. I just turned over 51K miles. I never ride it hard and the feel is like the day bought it. It's a shame the group that ran Suzuki here did a bad job in Marketing in North America. I travel on a regular basis to Europe and Suzuki is still very strong, I really believe if they had the Vitara, Swift, and Jimny here they would do good if marketed right. The re-badge vehicles they carried from companies like Daewoo really hurt the company here before the Kizashi was ever introduced. If they had introduced this car with something like a 2.0 Turbo upgraded I really think this car would have made a bigger impact for car reviewers. The only bad reviews I would hear about was the CVT, but for me it never has been an issue. Great car I know I only have 51K on it but I hope I can get many more years out of it. I enjoy riding it every time I get in it.
 #49479  by old tech
 Mon Jun 10, 2019 3:52 pm
My thoughts exactly on the marketing strategy and dont forget about the XL7/ GM warranty that really made Suzuki bleed . The Jimny I think would have been a real hit here . If I were in yours shoes gjsarris , I would plan to pull your transmission before 75K miles and replace the 6 weak and sure to be badly worn ball bearings on primary variator with 3 long pins and also replace pressure regulator piston in pump and it will be better than new. Sure to take you another 10 years or so the way your putting the miles on it.