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 #49492  by dslatsh
 Fri Jun 14, 2019 12:43 pm
Hello everyone I have a SLS with Rockford fosgate set up but with the navigation which changes the head unit to a my question here is I was looking on crutchfield for a new head unit and if you've bought anything on there before they offer the installation hardware at a discount to almost nothing at times. Now for this one it recommends of course the head unit cable and the steering wheel control still be able to use the controls there. Now with this head unit...does anyone know if there's even a need to get these wires since the kenwood seems to be like an "aftermarket" set up? The cable they're showing for installing the head unit looks similar to what is in there from scosche with the line converter on it etc. So if I have this wire...should mean I also have the wire for the steering wheel controls as well? Seems like when they did the installation of this "better unit" they didn't install install it so it kept control of all the items such as if they were installing an "aftermarket" unit at their factory like if you took it to a audio shop...