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 #50811  by Ronzuki
 Wed Dec 04, 2019 1:22 pm
old tech probably has one of those trays and would likely sell it. Seems he's becoming the keeper of dead and non-functioning Kizashis, which, is a good thing that someone is. There was an outfit out in the northwest that over the years had become a Samurai/Sidekick/Tracker graveyard. THE go to place for all those goofy hard to find nuts bolts and other parts. Was the only place I could get the proper size and grade of large flange drive shaft coupling bolts. The OE bolts were the only thing that fit and worked.
 #50828  by KuroNekko
 Sun Dec 08, 2019 3:54 am
KlutzNinja wrote:I just got the postcard, too. Like you, I’m in CA as well. If you’re that close to Suzuki HQ, which is in Brea if I’m not mistaken, it sounds like you might be based in LA or Orange County? I think the closest Suzuki service center is the Suzuki Depot in Santa Ana.
Any other SoCal Kizashi owners have experience with this place? I’m hoping the techs are competent; I have some serious trust issues with strangers handling my Kizashi lol (I will never take it to a valet).

On a side note, do these service centers have spare equipment beyond what is being recalled? In my case when I got my Kizashi it was without the owner’s manual tray that fits into the glovebox, and I have had no luck finding any online for purchase. I’m hoping that one of these service depots might have stuff like that, but I’m not keeping my hopes up. I’ve never had to take a car in for recall work so this whole thing is new to me.

Yup, I live in OC so the Santa Ana location is closest to me. However, I recall calling Suzuki Corporate last year and asking about the service locations. If I recall correctly, the Santa Ana location only does recall work and does not offer any other sort of servicing for Suzukis. In fact, I think they are now a commercial-truck service location now. I will have to get the specifics when I bother to get serious about getting the recall done. I do remember being told that the closest full-service location was in Escondido which isn't even in OC.

As for finding a part like the owner manual tray, a junkyard with a Kizashi is your best bet. Some websites allow you to put out specific part requests and junkyards will contact you about pricing and shipping for the part if they have it.
 #50842  by KlutzNinja
 Tue Dec 10, 2019 6:29 pm
Thanks for the tip, KuroNekko. There aren’t too many junkyards around me but I’ll keep up the search online. It’s a little difficult trying to find the glove box tray though since at best most places only list the glove box itself.

I think the Santa Ana location is shared with a place called Tom’s Trucks that works on commercial Isuzus of all things. It doesn’t look like a very large facility (on Google Maps), but I can’t imagine that too many Kizashi owners live nearby and take their cars in. I could be wrong, though.
 #51003  by SamirD
 Mon Jan 20, 2020 4:29 am
Interesting. Just finally getting around to take care of the poor Kizashi who's health has actually taken a huge nosedive after being returned to use in the sunny south. You think that getting away from the midwest winters would have been good for it. :cry:

I haven't yet received this recall, so I know they've got my address as I've gotten my '10th notice' for the shifter recall. :lol:

As far as getting it done, I think I'm in the 'ignore' crowd for now. 8-)