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 #51350  by WyoZuki
 Mon Mar 23, 2020 10:56 pm
Checking in as a new owner. I just acquired 2013 Kizashi Sport GTS from my father (white, leather, 24000 miles, new tires). He loved the car and kept it in a garage it's whole life, but at 89 was ready to give it up. Let's just say, it's basically a new car and I got a very good deal. Just drove it from Florida to my home in Wyoming.

Nice car! Here is a mini-review (but I suspect you know all this)...
- Performance: Adequate acceleration at low and high speeds. CVT seems well-behaved and does not "wind-out" like the one on our Prius. I like the paddle-shifters but won't use them a whole-lot (mostly speed control down-grade in mountains).
- Handling: Very responsive, but not all twitchy. Steering snaps back and centers nicely. Wide tires (235) and tight suspension must help here. Makes me notice how "vague" the steering is on our other cars (Tahoe, Prius, CR-V).
- Braking: Braking is very quick and also modulates well. Excellent!
Seats/Ergonomics - Super comfortable seats. Firm and supportive. Heated seats are a bonus in snow country. Controls/instrumentation layout is excellent. Wish it had a little more leg and head room (I am 6' 3").
- Styling: Not something I am too obsessed about, but it is a good looking car.
- Efficiency: Driving FL to WY got me 27 to 30mpg. Not great for a small car, but I can live with it.

A few comments/questions...
- I don't drive particularly hard/fast, but mountain-driving (where I live) is inherently a "heavy-service" usage.
- How soon/often should I service the CVT? I read in here about the CVT as a weakness.
- What other service/parts/issues do I need to be aware of?
- What is your experience/forecast for parts availability?

That's it. I probably won't be super-active on this forum, but I appreciate that it is here as a resource. Thanks for any information you can offer!
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 #51351  by Ronzuki
 Tue Mar 24, 2020 1:29 am

-Paddle shifters...uhh yeah, you'll use them more!
-fuel did great. It's and old-school engine design. Solid and will out-live the rest of the car.
-Regardless of the low mileage, and after all we've learned and experienced w/ the Kizashi's CVT here on this forum, I'd service it at 30k miles. The full monty. Drop the pan, check for absence of sparkly bits, clean the magnets, 3 full fluid swaps, the whole thing. It'll help make it last longer than they typically have. You should get another 100k+ out of it easily. Possibly more w/ routine servicing.
-There are a recalls that may apply. Suggest contacting ASMC directly or you local/closest Suzuki service center to find out if there are any outstanding for your VIN.
- Lastly, continue to enjoy driving your NEW Kizashi!
 #51354  by WESHOOT2
 Tue Mar 24, 2020 2:29 am
Fair to say mine have been rugged and reliable.
 #51367  by WyoZuki
 Thu Mar 26, 2020 6:58 pm
Thanks for the replies. Will service the CVT around 30K. I like the paddle-shifters and will start enjoying them. My son (16) loves them, after being forced to learn to drive on our manual CR-V. He thinks the NewZuki is very cool (and I do too). Thanks again.