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 #51559  by old tech
 Wed May 20, 2020 1:33 pm
Has anyone anywhere seen one of these tanks crack ? With me being in a high salt use lake effect snow belt and having 50+ Kizashis in my customer base, I think I would have seen at least one tank crack if there really was a problem. I had one that smelled like gas and threw an evap code and it was one that had had the tank recall . The dealer said it now needed a canister but I found it to be the top fuel pump plastic plate that was destroyed by the retaining plate rusting. This was reinstalled in this poor condition during the recall. It is only sold as a fuel pump unit and retails for $1000. I took some pics and Ill try to post later if my phone will cooperate.
 #51560  by old tech
 Wed May 20, 2020 2:40 pm
I cut an access under back seat to cut time down and also to actually see leak in the normal use position. Using a tennis ball, soapy water and a blow gun( to lazy to get my smoke machine working) I found the leak . It may not show up in the picture vey well but it was at the retaining plate.Image
I then struggled with the overtightened ,rusted down , rounded off reused just 3 weeks ago nuts thank you very much. Even using the 3/8” six point socket wouldn’t turn half of them . Next is the pic of the damaged pump asm top. It had no chance of sealing properly no matter how tight the nuts are cranked.Image
This car only has 100 k miles on it . I used a pump asm from a parts Kizashi with 210 k . I swapped the pumps between the two asm. This is a denso brand pump and these usually last 325k miles but if you ever need one, just the pump can be looked up for a 2009 Corolla (same pump)and purchased for around $100 for the denso through the parts store. The rusty retainer is about $20 . This and the nuts should be made new if they are rusty.

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 #51565  by Ronzuki
 Thu May 21, 2020 7:57 pm
Thanks for the investigative work on the pump components. Very good info to know should anyone need the recall repair made. I'd advise to just plan on going to the dealer for the recall work w/ a new pump, ring and hardware in hand and tell them to just replace it all when they swap the tank to save yourself from having the whole episode repeated at your cost. BTW, I believe the canister is actually included in the parts for the recall is it not?

Curious about a couple things: a) did the offending repair hacks inform your customer that he/she should have probably sprung for a new pump assembly while it was apart to save them money? and b) did they have the recall fix done because they had an actual problem or was it because they received a letter stating they should?

This type of work by so-called professionals is the problem with massively invasive recall work, such as this new 'fix', and why I often lovingly refer to the stealership's hacks as monkeys. Anyone w/ half a brain wouldn't have re-assembled that mess. The pump, gasket, ring, etc. are not included in the parts kit for the recall, even though it is highly probable they'd be needed. Get to sell more parts, of course. Owners will be on the hook for these non-covered problems associated w/ the act of the fix such as what is seen here...future problems, labor, parts, etc. Precisely why I haven't had them touch the SX4 or the Kizashi for their 'shifter' recalls (notice #13 I think), or now, this tank mess in the Kizashi. None of it is broken, and therefore doesn't need to be broken (err fixed).
 #51567  by old tech
 Fri May 22, 2020 4:44 am
Before Customer had this recall done, he had brought it to me with a check engine light on and I checked the codes and found an evap system leak detected code. I told him there was a recall on the tank and canister and I recommended to have this done first because it would probably take care of it and be done at no charge. At the dealer, customer was not informed about the damaged fuel pump asm. After the recall work was completed the service engine light came back on with same code. Customer took it back to them . He was then told it needed a new canister and that he would have to pay for it . Your approach to these issues has some validity to it . If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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 #51568  by KlutzNinja
 Fri May 22, 2020 10:17 am
So has anyone here had the fuel tank recall work done without any issues afterwards? I’m wondering because I have an appointment for Friday of next week to take care of this plus the passenger seat recall. These recent posts are really giving me some second thoughts, though.
Also, how far away are all of you from your nearest service center that performs these recalls? I’m a few dozen miles away from mine; a lot farther than I usually drive, which for a lot of you probably isn’t much, but I have Los Angeles traffic that I’d rather avoid if possible lol.
 #51569  by Ronzuki
 Fri May 22, 2020 11:46 am
OT, not surprised at all the customer wasn't informed they were reassembling garbage, and, why I'd asked. To confirm what is usually expected. Canister was part of the recall and they wanted to double dip and get paid twice for something...I'm shocked and appalled :roll:

Clever approach to access the pump. How did sealing the hole in the floor turn out? You would have had to fabricate a cover plate of some sort, unless, you tacked the original piece back in (if so, you're a braver man than I) and sealed it somehow.

Well if one must have this done, I'd show up for the appointment armed with the procedure doc linked in post #27 along w/ OldTech's pictures of what a 'fixed' hack-job looks like. Clearly explain, if this is what the pump's condition is at the time they remove it, I'd expect to be notified to make the call on how to proceed. Make it perfectly clear they need to follow the procedure to the letter and be certain they have ALL of the required parts (many) and remind them they need to actually use, and install, them all properly. They would be left with the distinct impression I am deeply informed of what's involved, and I'd be making it perfectly clear I'm not not expecting half-assed work. Personally, I'd want to see all of the parts, every single one, (including the required canister btw), before I even left the car and walked out the door. I'd also require them to save everything that was replaced so I could inspect it all before they dispose of it. The condition of what was removed will provide and idea of what possible future issues may arise. Dealers have a nasty habit of not following manufacturers recommended service procedures, which often require replacing certain parts such as nuts and bolts that are one-time use items. Be informed that is the case w/ this repair. They cut corners to save time and money for themselves. Before I walked out the door, there would be zero doubt in the service manager's mind that an ill-advised hack-job wouldn't go over real well. Expectations...I'd simply say it has zero problems right now, before you start in on it, and I expect zero problems when you're finished. Expectations, make it clear. They'll try to cut corners and make extra warranty dollars. They'd be convinced … not a good idea...make it up on the next guy, not me.
 #51571  by KlutzNinja
 Sat May 23, 2020 8:34 pm
Thanks for the pointers, Ronzuki. I’m not the best when dealing with dealers or mechanics but I’ll try to keep what you advised in mind.

Oliver, if you do end up doing the recall, just know it may be a little while before your Kizashi will be seen. When I set up my appointment, the earliest available time was two weeks. The earliest ideal day for me was over three weeks, however. I didn’t figure too many Southern Californians were taking their Suzukis in for recall work, but apparently so. My place does only recall work, and nothing else, supposedly.
Hopefully it’s better in your case.

And for anyone else who gets those little recall post cards, the phone number they list on it is Suzuki customer service, and is meant to help you find your nearest service center. I already knew where mine was but for some reason what I interpreted from the post card was the idea that I needed to call the customer service line to initiate the recall appointment process. You can just find your nearest service center on the Suzuki website, without having to call the customer service line and waiting several minutes for someone (who I admit was rather polite and pleasant) to pick up. Then just call the service center directly. Again, appointment availability might not be for a while.
The rep at the service center was also rather nice. I was sort of expecting to be dealing with disgruntled employees, considering Suzuki auto is so small and forgotten in the US at this point.
 #51598  by KlutzNinja
 Fri May 29, 2020 5:37 pm
I’m at the service center at the moment. I tried to keep Ronzuki’s advice in mind when talking with the rep, but I forgot some things lol. I mentioned how this recall fix screwed up someone’s Kizashi once, and the rep said they’ve done the fuel tank recall fifty times without any bad outcomes. Forgot to ask to keep the old components, but I’ll see if I can inspect them at the end. There’s only one technician here who does the Suzuki recalls, and only the recalls, so it would seem he’s pretty experienced. The two reviews for this center I’ve seen (on Yelp and Google Maps) mention the recall work were positive, but vague.

I’ll post again some point after the work has been done. I’m also here for the seat recall.