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 #51753  by WESHOOT2
 Tue Jun 23, 2020 10:09 pm
And now....

....the two new fronts and used rear 225/50 R17 just mounted; sweaty work.
Huge diff, them light wider wheels.
More testing required.

Last tank Gulf regular 27.7MPG. Poopy.

 #51778  by WESHOOT2
 Thu Jun 25, 2020 9:31 pm
So a bit of testing yesterday; 299.9 miles worth.
Started the morning by re-torquing the wheels, and running 40PSI front, 38 rear.
Drove it easy and hard, paved and unpaved.
Can detect the difference between old front and refreshed rear suspensions.
Tires are quiet and grippy.
More testing required. Testing never stops.

Got a friend looking a a new Caddy Blackwing; I ain't got 97K (but he does). Of course, the car is in Maryland. Smellin' road trip!

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