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 #52029  by KlutzNinja
 Thu Aug 13, 2020 4:51 am
Another bump for another, better look at the refreshed Stinger. I like the new front design enough, but I’m not sure about the rump. The original version should have had the full-length LED bar but the way this is implemented with the new brake and turn lights makes for an odd appearance. It’s hard to describe. At least the interior looks nicer. ... c062te0d4w
 #52702  by NickL
 Wed Jan 06, 2021 12:07 pm
Kizashi is really unique car and it is surely not an easy job finding adeqaute replacement for it.

I am totally satisfied with my Kizashi and plan to keep to for a few more years to come, but when it comes to choosing another options, I must admit that I am seriously interested in purchasing Ford Focus ST, restyle from 2015-2018. It also comes as station wagon car but what I habe read in reviews and heard from other people, it is very fun to drive. 2.0 turbo engine with 250 hp is more than enough for a fun drive, firm suspension, 6 speed manual, a lot of features, great looking body style with beatifull 18" rims makes a complete package. I was never a big fan of Ford except for Mustang, but this Mk3 ST is most probably one of the best and most interesting cars out there for the money it costs....
 #52739  by Firefly
 Sat Jan 09, 2021 9:30 pm
Has anybody looked into the Mazda 3 Turbo?
 #52743  by KlutzNinja
 Sun Jan 10, 2021 11:45 pm
The upcoming next-gen Mazda6 seems promising, although it’s some time off. The current generation is a bit larger on the outside than the Kizashi, so it’s safe to assume the new one will be, too, in case exterior size similar to the Kizashi is important. But from what has been leaked or unveiled so far, the new Mazda6 will go to RWD and feature an inline-six engine, in addition to probably being even more lux than the current model. Hopefully it’ll forego the torsion suspension in the Mazda3.
It could be a potential replacement for Kizashi owners in the near future.
 #52752  by Firefly
 Mon Jan 11, 2021 8:15 pm
KlutzNinja wrote:The upcoming next-gen Mazda6 seems promising, although it’s some time off. The current generation is a bit larger on the outside than the Kizashi, so it’s safe to assume the new one will be, too, in case exterior size similar to the Kizashi is important. ...

I went from the Kizashi to the current gen Mazda 6 and although it may be the more 'sporting' or 'engaging' to drive car of its segment, the dimensions made it less so, to me, than the Kizashi.
 #52758  by Speed_Racer
 Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:51 pm
If I had been looking for another sporty sedan, the Forte GT would be very high on my list.
Turbo, 6MT, luxury goodies, cheap with incentives!

 #52766  by Evanzo7
 Wed Jan 13, 2021 12:57 pm
Kizashi is the first car I have ever been completely happy with!
I've not once contemplated getting rid of it early, which for me is huge!

But as for my next car I have two in mind!
Kia Stinger GTS or Hyundai i30n Fastback, been thinking about it for a year & still can't decide between them hahah!
 #52774  by KuroNekko
 Thu Jan 14, 2021 6:30 am
Not that I'm going to replace my Kizashi any time soon but for me, the next would be a CUV or an SUV (if they get more fuel efficient for commuting). I love sedan handling but really want more space and ground clearance for my passion for the outdoors. My girlfriend has a new Chevy Equinox work vehicle with AWD and even that has impressed me with how much more it caters to things like camping and off-pavement travel. The reality is that one doesn't need a body-on-frame 4x4 SUV for most outdoor activities and a CUV with AWD offers much more than a low sedan with 2WD in that regard. I often think of the ideal next vehicle but most have reasons keeping it from being perfect. Here's some of my considerations:

Mazda CX-30 and CX-5: Love the styling, stellar reliability, available low-oct turbos, and top praise by critics. Not digging the automatic-only trans but at least Mazda avoids CVTs. Of the CUVs, these are more road-oriented than others.

Subaru XV/Crosstrek: King of the soft-roaders for offroad ability. Recently got a 2.5 liter engine option. Available manual trans with AWD (a very rare combo these days in the industry). The bad: 2.5 only with CVT so the manual has the gutless 2.0 liter. Subaru loves CVTs... ugh. Their engines have been problematic for years now and I lost a lot of confidence in them. The EJ25 blew head gaskets way too easily and the newer FA engines brand new burned oil more than most engines with 200,000 miles. Subaru used to be a shining star in my sky but no more. Gotta be careful.

Subaru Outback/Forester: Eh, rather have a Crosstrek as these no longer offer manual trans. I just avoid CVTs.

Jeep Compass: Definitely top offroad ability for a CUV. Manual and AWD available. Styling is nice, like a baby GC. The bad is the reliability (FCA, lol), poor reviews, lame MPGs, and general low ranking among peers. May be had for a good deal?

Ford Bronco Sport: Brand new so not much info on it. Questionable reliability, especially since new Fords are plagued with issues historically. Overall, a serious contender in ability, putting Jeep and Subaru on notice.

Toyota RAV4: Many variations ranging from TRD to Prime. Digging the special versions but this vehicle is so so so ubiquitous. Hybrid and Prime would be nice to blend adventure with commuting, but the TRD and Adventure versions are still more fuel efficient than the Kizashi despite having torque-vectoring AWD. Automatic trans only on all.

Buick TourX: I personally like wagons unlike most Americans. This thing is like an Outback with a better powertrain (turbo engine and gears in the auto) but more for the paved road. I like the huge space and design. German-built. Buick ranks well in reliability. These were killed off recently due to poor sales, but maybe can be found for a good deal used. Automatic only but no CVT. Like the Kizashi, I like the rarity of this vehicle.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV: I like the concept but it's really dated now. Mitsubishi is just so disappointing these days. There's a new version coming that's now apparently sharing platforms, engines, and tech with the new Nissan Rogue. The current Outlander PHEV tech is dated with newer models like the RAV4 Prime available now. Come on, Mitsu...

There are others of course, but I think about these ones for their attributes. The reality is that I'll keep my Kizashi a lot longer and when the time comes to replace it, the hope is that the perfect next vehicle is on the market.
 #52775  by KansasKid
 Thu Jan 14, 2021 6:41 am
Hyundai is coming out with a Kona N in the near future with the same 2.0T and 8DCT as the Veloster N/i30 N :wink: