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"(did) you have the A/C in the RECIRC mode?"

No. I ususally leave it on Fresh Air. To be sure, you are quite correct in that RECIRC works faster. I wasn't looking for maximum performance, just curious about how good it does under average conditions (around here, anyway) with a normal, everyday demand on it.

Now, you've got me curious as to just what the maximum numbers are. It didn't occur to me even to look for lowest possible outpput. What I'm going to do now is try the same setting (Land-O-Lakes, at high Noon) but this time I'll put the temp. selectors both at their lowest settings (I don't know what the lowest numerical value they go to is...) and then try both Hi fan and Low while in the RECIRCULATION MODE. My theory on using Low fan speed for the max reading is that the slower the air moves over the evaporator core, the more heat transfer will take place, giving you the lowest possible output air temp.

Back in the Old Days, you could get the average GM A-6 to give you a steady 38 degree output. I would expect pretty much the same from the system we have now. I'll let you know how it goes.
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Ff temperatures are as hot as you say they are ( and I believe it in AZ), the AC only has the ability to cool outside air about 38 degrees below ambient temperature. When you go into RECIRC mode, the cool air is circulated inside the cabin and results in mush faster cool-down. You wouldn't want to run in RECIRC all day because the air would get stale in the car pretty quickly, but for quick cool-down, it's much faster than cooling the outside air. The way that the automatic system operates is that it defaults into RECIRC mode upon start-up, and will revert to the FRESH AIR mode once the desired temp has been reached: all in the interestes of the fastest possible cool-down
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"You wouldn't want to run in RECIRC all day...".

Okay, I've got more numbers for you. First, I started off as usual, and again had a 91F reading on the readout between the tach and speedo. As was expected, the output air was 50-ish. Then, with a stabilized system, I dropped both temp-knobs to 58F (there IS a Low setting below 58, but I wanted to stay with discernible values) and hit RECIRC.

It didn't take long at all for the thermometer needle to start falling. After several miles, I was experiencing a frosty 40.something degree output air.
The needle wouldn't center directly over the "40" but it was VERY close.
And, the center-dash temp indicated ambient at 91F! I was entirely pleased with this result. Very quickly, it got uncomfortably cool, and I returned all
settings to "normal" for me.

For the record, I'm not in Arizona. The references to "AZ" mean AUTOZONE parts stores. Anyone wanting to buy a steering-wheel-wrap or an in-dash A/C thermometer can get them at AutoZone. I live in Largo, FL. My drive takes me over I275 and US 41 most days. And the current temperatures haven't peaked yet. In July and August, you'll see 95 or 96 commonly.

Finally, I agree with you on fresh air... That is where mine usually stays. The minute or two I lose in cool-down doesn't matter all that much. That way I can keep MYSELF in Set-it-and-forget-it mode. Works for me.
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Thanks for the reply, and your results are good to hear. The big difference between AZ and Florida is HUMIDITY: AZ has none, and Florida has too much! LOL! RECIRC really helps cool down quickly in high-humidity high-temp situations!
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My 2010 SLS A/C cools off car quicker here in hot central Florida when I DON'T use the auto mode. Works better in manual. Auto doesn't go to top fan speed when hot inside. Took to dealer - said A/C was fine. Oh well, still like the car.
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I am not impressed at all with the AC. I love my Kizzy, but when I hop in an it is 100+ degrees (I live in South Carolina) I need cold air fast and it usually takes up to 5 min it get semi cool. On a side note, I have a friend with a 1997 4Runner that gets ice cold within about 20 seconds of cranking it. I will say I get cold with normal outdoors temps and the AC on the lowest setting, but on those hot days it just seems to not want to pump out the goodness.
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Window tint always helps keep the car cooler and allows the a/c to work more efficently. While parked for long periods of time I also use a windshield shade, which helps deflect the sun. The heat and stronger sun in SW Flroida tinting keeps the interior from fading as quickly. With the a/c on recirculate it cools down within 3 minutes from sitting in the sun all day at work. Tint does make the car look better. Up north you need to get the tint that will not lift when using the rear window defogger.
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Eric998765 wrote: Sat Jun 11, 2011 9:50 pm I am not impressed at all with the AC. I love my Kizzy
I was just looking at the OEM Evaporator Coil for Kizashi and it's very costly here in India ($680). Is there any alternative to this? I don't think I'll find salvage parts here. Is there any other car using the same Evaporator?

Although right now my AC is working fine but I've heard the Evaporator coil eventually goes bad. My car is 10 years old now and without AC, you cannot drive here. Any suggestions?
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