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The Kizashi should soon show up in Australia. We look forward to seeing members from your region.
 #51481  by KlutzNinja
 Wed May 06, 2020 4:01 pm
Woodie wrote:Welcome Angez76!

Fuel filter is inside the gas tank, so it's going to cost quite a bit to replace. Scheduled for 150K miles, 150 months, or 250 kilometers. Unless you have a specific reason to believe that it's a problem, I wouldn't bother with it. Especially if you have the CVT transmission, unlikely it's going to ever see 150K miles.

In the US there is a recall for replacing the gas tank; does that include the fuel filter as well? The recall card mentioned a canister vent hose filter. And did any other Kizashi owners outside of the US get contacted about this recall, or was it just us?
 #51482  by Ronzuki
 Thu May 07, 2020 4:53 pm
lol...true enough I suppose. I live where Suzuki was an obscure brand from the day they set foot here in the U.S. circa 1986, and, where they haven't had a dealer sales presence for the last, what, 7 years now? Hence the, high (nobody wants to touch it) service costs. DDing takes its toll on appearance so my car is, visually, far from perfect. Mechanically sound though.