New engine for my Kizhi.

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Hi everyone.

This is my first post in the forum although I used to visit it in the past looking for information about headunits replacements , CVT specs and so on.

Anyway... let´s go to the point. I got an automatic 2011 XSL (Australian version) with a burnt engine ( overheated) that needs replacing. I´m nor sure if I can buy an engine of a manual version (2011-2013) and fit it in on my automatic.

I checked the VIN of both cars and not just the 6th digit is the same ( 9 ) but all of them except for the sequential number . Does it mean that they are interchangeable ?
I don´t like to end up with two useless engine in my garage.

I would appreciate any info about this matter.
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I'm not an expert on this, OldTech is more likely to have a definitive answer, but here's my guess:

I know on the G engines, everything is the same except there's a small adapter hub that goes on the end of the crankshaft to turn a manual engine into an automatic. Take off the flywheel, then move the adapter and the flex plate from the old engine to the "new" engine and you're golden. Suzuki tends to stick with a way of doing things, so it could be the J engines are the same.

Just checked the parts listing, and the crankshaft is the same for all engines.
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Thank you. I will check the car adapter
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