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 #51769  by johnhenrydale
 Wed Jun 24, 2020 2:29 pm
Ronzuki wrote:Next to that wine colored Kizashi from over-seas, this has got to be one of the finest examples IMHO.
Very nice looking sir!

[mention]Ronzuki [/mention] thanks very much! It’s had quite a bit of work done to it this year, starting with a new stereo in January, so I’m glad to see it’s resonating with the Kizashi Club heads:)

speaking of the interior, i also got a new stainless steel shift knob to match the dashboard “blades” Image

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 #51771  by KlutzNinja
 Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:01 pm
Woodie wrote:
johnhenrydale wrote:I actually did a smoke tint on the front "bumper lights" and they don't look quite so awful now.

You're right, that is a lot better. Still completely out of tune with the rest of the look of the car, but at least not bright orange. I'd like to get clear lenses made and put yellow bulbs behind them, but that's not such an easy task.

How about clear lenses over LEDs? That way you can have clear on clear. Seeing orange bulbs behind clear lenses always stuck out to me lol.

@jonhnhenrydale: very interesting interior lighting lol. Also great job with the buffing.
 #51773  by KuroNekko
 Thu Jun 25, 2020 6:19 pm
johnhenrydale wrote:
KuroNekko wrote:
johnhenrydale wrote:I actually did a smoke tint on the front "bumper lights" and they don't look quite so awful now. Rather than upload a bunch of pictures here, I'll just direct you all to my Kizashi Instagram account where you can track the progress of the various upgrades I'm doing:

Did you get your car entirely repainted? Some of the photos on your Insta seemed to indicate that.

[mention]KuroNekko [/mention]: I did indeed!
Very happy with the results. It’s now looking WAY nicer than when I first got it 6 years ago. No dings, no scratches, no sun-faded rear spoiler. With the new Vossen CVTs and the Michelin PS AS3+ it’s got a whole new look that I feel like is finally in line with what I’ve been envisioning.

Up next: new shocks and struts. Did you get yours replaced yet?

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Ah, that's why it's so beautiful.
I haven't replaced the dampers yet but I'll order them soon. I also need to do the recall and with the help of KlutzNinja, figured the closest location to me is a safe bet. However, it's an exclusively recall work location and won't do other Suzuki service. I need to give my Kizashi some TLC but I've been just preoccupied lately and also just bought another Suzuki: a 2015 V-Strom. :mrgreen:
 #51786  by johnhenrydale
 Fri Jun 26, 2020 6:38 pm
Vin_Kizashi wrote:like the green, I put in all bright white led into mine, headlights, fog lights, my reverse lights have cobbs in them! sick!

[mention]Vin_Kizashi [/mention] - Nice, yeah green’s my favorite color. What fog light bulbs did you go with? And what are cobbs?

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 #51800  by KuroNekko
 Thu Jul 02, 2020 4:12 am
johnhenrydale wrote: And what are cobbs?

COBs are a type of LED. It stands for Chip On Board. These are the larger emitters you see that create a lot of light but generally in only a flood beam. They generally don't make good LEDs for automotive use given they aren't very focused in the way they emit light. You typically see these in the consumer market for work lights. I have a few and they make excellent portable work lights for a bright and wide flood beam.