How to check gasoline injectors?

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Is there any manual on how to check them and possibly clean them?
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kizashiwanter wrote: Thu Sep 08, 2022 4:38 pm Is there any manual on how to check them and possibly clean them?
I don't see any info in the Kizashi service manual. as far as I know, a good mechanic can plug in a scan tool and check for engine parameters and tell you. gasoline is a great cleaner. running on highway and revving up your engine is the best way to clean the injectors.
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I don't know about all countries but in the USA, there are many products you can buy in the form of small bottles that you add to the gasoline tank to work as fuel system cleaners, which also clean fuel injectors. Some of the more reputable ones are Gumout and Techron. You add the bottle to an empty gasoline tank and then fill completely with gasoline so the product mixes with the gas. You then run that tank until empty.

Professionals also offer fuel system cleaning services that use machines, I think. If you generally run high quality gasoline and have opportunities for longer drives on highways, you likely won't need professional fuel injector services. As Saeed mentioned, running an engine for a long time at sustained high speed is also a good treatment to clean up an engine. No need to drive very fast but hundreds of miles at freeway speeds should help. I just drove across the United States in my father's 2004 VW Jetta TDI. While I wasn't dealing with gasoline, the drive helped the engine become more responsive. It's smoother now and I think the fresh Liquid Moly synthetic oil and high quality oil filter cleaned up the engine over the 3400 miles in 5 days. I'm sure the diesel injectors are cleaner now too.
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