Tortured Poets Digital Album Conversion For USB Playback

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This service bulletin is for anyone that uses a USB stick to listen to their music in their Kizashi.

If you want to listen to Taylor Swift's new Tortured Poets Department Anthology Digital Album, you're going to have to fiddle around with the files.
  1. Purchase/Acquire Song Files.
    • If you purchase them from the T-Swift website, you will be give the option to download a zipped archive of all 31 songs in the album. After you unzip the files, you'll see that they're all MP3's. However, if you look closely at the file sizes of each song, you'll see that each file size of each song is 20MB or greater. MP3's are a compressed music file format, and typically they will compress down to less than 10MB. If you try to copy these song files, as they are, to a USB drive, and slap it in your Kizashi, your car ain't gonna play them.
  2. Go to
  3. Click the big Open Files button, then:
    1. Navigate to the folder holding your Tortured Poets songs,
    2. Highlight all of the song files
    3. Click Open
  4. In the 2 Section of the Audio Converter, click the wav button
  5. Click on the big Convert button in 3
  6. Once the conversion completes, you can download a zip archive of all of the converted song files.
  7. Unzip the archive of the converted songs
    • NOTES:
    • Might be a good idea to unzip the WAV files from the new archive into a new folder.
    • It also might be a good idea to rename the new zip archive so you know that this is the archive with all of the wav files -- i.e:
    • WAV files are an uncompressed file format. If you look at the file sizes of of the wav version of the songs, you'll notice that most of them are significantly larger than before.
  8. Now you just have to repeat all of these steps for the new WAV files, except this time, you're going to want to make sure you click the mp3 button in section 2 this time.
    • Notice that now, when you unzip the new archive of mp3s, they are a MUCH smaller file size than the original versions of the songs that you downloaded.
Now you should be able to copy these new-smaller MP3's to a USB drive and enjoy them in your Kizashi the next time you take it for a spin.
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