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 #31027  by murcod
 Thu Aug 07, 2014 1:05 am
Dave, the usual spec for the non RF head unit doesn't include the subwoofer - so I haven't got one. It's seems only Malaysia and UK have the sub with the non RF system.

Sentinel, the USA "factory" install method was to use line level converters on the Kenwood speaker level outputs. That then was fed to the RF amp. There are quite a few older posts on here regarding it.
 #35175  by sx4rocious
 Mon Feb 09, 2015 10:14 am
There are several lengthy threads on the unit meant for the SX4 in our forums. Go to clubSX4 and search for Chinese head unit. It's the same manufacturer. Some have had great success and others thought the unit was a waste of money. I had one, and it was great for what I wanted it for, but the GPS and Bluetooth was comepletely useless. The manual wasn't worth the paper it was printed on either, so you better be a "figure it out yourself" kinda guy if you get one.
 #40781  by coromonadalix
 Sat Mar 26, 2016 7:32 am
Thank you man, youre my savior :D

I searched for weeks thoses answers to the Garmin Infotainment plugs and connectors ... paid for portion of suzuki manuals with no luck ... read lots of forums, talked to Garmin with limitted success, Suzuki too ... and finally i found you.

If you want, i managed to get from Garmin the user manual in pdf. 1 meg file i could send it to you ?? PM me ...

For more details in russian for firmwares updates etc... with google translate ... :

The garmin radio connectors are based on .1" pins spacing, you could take Dupont cable jumpers without damaging your radio ??

EX : cd rom computer audio cables etc ..

Short story

While running my old trusty Garmin Streetpilot 7500 7inch gps.

I managed to get one Garmin Infotainment of ebay for parts without any accessories, to my surprise it worked in my Grand Vitara 2006, the steering controls works perfectly, voice command too, i managed to update it to the 3.9 firmware, put the 2017.10 maps in the sd card ...

What is missing is the antenna adapter and the gps antenna adapter, with lots of research i did find them for a few dollars each.

I was searching to add the usb connector function, all i need is to test for the 5 volts and ground, after that the data - and data + should be easy to find

g241-4p to be confirmed, be careful.
1 ground
2 d+
3 5v
4 d-

for the g232-5p
there is a Clarion cca644 cable, who seem to be compatible ??? not tried

For sentinel ... and sx4 ...

I have bought and android based 2 din radio, very powerful and fast, quad core 1.6 gig hz, 1 gig ram 16 gig nand flash for 230$ us dollars on Ali Express.

Found out Garmin Android softwares i will try out on it.

BUT the problems on these radios, (they come with Igo8, Sygic other gps brand softwares) they lag 1 to 2 years behind Garmin and TomTom for the maps, since Teleatlas and Navteq where bought from them. The Other softwares are European based not North American.

I love garmin products because of that. But Tom Tom and Garmin have now life time maps updates, you have to buy the correct models, sadly not for car navigations units ...

You can have Kenwood DNX series who have garmin based softwares in them too.
 #40961  by coromonadalix
 Fri Apr 22, 2016 4:12 am
Here's the final pinouts ...


I did manage to install the full NA 2017.10 map inside the radio, asr, jcv etc ... managed to find all the world 3.9 firmwares, extracted all the languages and voices files.

And finally with help, we did manage to hack the unit to remove the agree message at startup.
 #41596  by aranciata-oz
 Wed Jul 06, 2016 7:49 am
Hi guys,

I'm a newbie with my 2013 Sports Prestige - just wondering what was the final outcome of the installation for your systems upgrade ...

While I'm happy I have the standard Garmin Infotainment GPS system in my model, I deplore how poor the sound is from the unit - I'm only guessing:

- there is no centre speaker in the dash (I've yet to check, but I need to go onto youtube to work out how to remove the panel without damaging the pawls)

- the 6.5" woofers in the door are probably paper mache garbage - there's no definition to the sound at all, and the bass is weak at best.

Typically like almost every car I've bought, I just want to upgrade the speakers in the door with +90Db efficiency speakers and hopefully that makes a huge difference to the clarity of the sound (even though in my experience the low freq tend to take a small dive, presumably because the OEM cheap speakers are designed to utilise the space in the door for sound).

Yeah I've just about maxxed out all the bass/mid/treble settings in the Garmin head unit and the sound quality still sh**s me to be honest. I so wish I got the pre 2013 model with the RF system instead because I don't value a GPS system that much that doesn't have traffic (I used my iPhone's Google Maps for commuting, as that has traffic updates, but Suzuki does not have a licence with Garmin for traffic).

Anyhow just keen to have your thoughts how much difference it will make to upgrade the front door speakers (with a toddler I don't have time to install amps etc).
 #41597  by coromonadalix
 Wed Jul 06, 2016 11:30 am
just upgraded to the 2017.20 on the sd card, with the 3.9 firmware hacked ( no warning at startup) eh eh the sound quality is fine with me, it's the gps functionality i need, and for the price i've paid :)

On Ali Express for a few dollars, there is an : "NISSA Qashqai New Teana,New X-TRAIL USB Audio Cable Adapter" blue model connector.

With a small mod on it, it will fit perfectly the garmin unit, cut the female usb connector and rewire a new one, and bam an usb dongle interface.

Did Not pay 60$ for the cable and another 60$ for the usb plug ??? original suzuki parts.
 #44386  by chriskab86
 Sat Jun 17, 2017 2:40 am
Hi, I just bought the Garmin Everest infotainment system and the OEM dash fasia (double din) for my 2011 Kizashi that comes with the Rockford Fosgate audio system. I thought that it will be an easy install upgrade, something like "plug and play" because the Garmin unit was made for Suzuki Cars, but I realize that it´s not that easy. The Garmin unit comes in original box with no cables or anything.

I like the OE look of the stereo, but I´ve read that some people have reported that the GPS and Bluetooth funtions didn't worked (the main reasons why I choosed the OE Garmin unit).

So, I´d like to know if the GPS, Bluetooth and Steering wheel funtions worked well, and if it worth the time or should I choose an aftermarket stereo like a Pioneer (maybe it will be a more easy to integrate upgrade).

Thanks in advance!
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