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 #42939  by Seankirbyrn
 Sat Dec 03, 2016 3:20 pm
I have looked at the Kizashi several times when I have needed a car. For several reasons I bought other cars. I needed a newer "Winter car." I got burned by several dealers or the Kizashi had already sold. I finally found one 150 miles from home. I got it. IS A 2011 SLS AWD WITH 42000 MILES !! I am so excited !!
A quick question. The headlights can be a nightmare, can I put in HID headlights? Were they available as an option somewhere in the world?
Has anyone had warranty work done since they left the country?
 #42946  by Ronzuki
 Sun Dec 04, 2016 9:27 pm
Hello and welcome. I don't think I've had anything done since they left the country. Don't recall if the rear shocks were replaced before or after they left. I'm about to put a warranty claim in though, the T-case output shaft seal is weeping enough to have moisture on the bottom of the case. The ex-dealer, now service center is, going to take a look at it when I bring it for annual state inspection in January. I don't expect any problems with it being covered under the powertrain warranty at near 65k miles, but, I'll let the forum know how it goes.

There's no direct install 'kit' I know of for the lights (not my thing really either), but, member KuroNekko has a nice write-up on his install and there's other threads on the subject. Try the search feature.
 #42950  by KuroNekko
 Mon Dec 05, 2016 6:27 pm
Welcome. Congrats on getting the Kizashi.

To answer your questions:
Kizashis in some other global markets were offered with factory HID headlights, but none in North America. All US Kizashis came with halogen bulbs. However, you can install an aftermarket HID kit like I have. It's a bit labor intensive but given that a halogen bulb replacement typically requires the bumper to come off, you're doing a good chunk of the work there anyway.
The write-up Ronzuki referenced is below. It covers bumper removal and then goes into HID kit installation if one wants to pursue that. I personally recommend it for you get a brighter headlight output, better bulb longevity, and premium vehicle aesthetics. Just go with a high quality kit like Morimoto instead of random ebay junk.

Now about warranty service:
I had my rear shocks replaced under warranty in November of 2013. I also had recall work done over a year later. I've had no issues with Suzuki's service since they left. I simply go to an Authorized Suzuki Service Dealer. These are typically dealerships that used to sell Suzukis that now sell/service something else. However, given they were formerly with Suzuki, these are the authorized service locations. My location even still has its Suzuki signage on the building despite now selling used cars for the dealer network.
 #43008  by NiteRider
 Tue Dec 13, 2016 8:39 pm
Welcome to the forum. How much may I ask did you end up paying?
 #43015  by SamirD
 Wed Dec 14, 2016 3:08 am
Congrats on buying a great car! We have one just like you--2011 SLS sport awd. 8-)

As far as your specific questions. I have looked into sourcing HID headlights, harnesses, front bumper and switch from outside North America for a 'factory' HID conversion. But keep in mind, something like this will likely be thousands of dollars versus a good aftermarket kit like what KuroNekko has installed. Be sure to look at his link because even if you don't want to go with an HID conversion, you'll read a very good tutorial on how to replace the bulbs including the impossible driver's side low beam. I've been able to change all the other bulbs without removing the bumper cover. Even the fogs are easily accessible from underneath.

Like KuroNekko, we also had the rear shocks replaced under warranty. Pretty painless except that the warranty center was about an hour away. Still not bad considering they covered all the work and had intimate knowledge of the Kizashi. We also had our wheels refinished after paint was flaking off. This wasn't the best work since it's an aftermarket company doing the work (Keystone), but it was $400+ worth of work for free.