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 #47698  by PapaVanTwee
 Sun Sep 09, 2018 4:26 am
Just bought a 2012 Suzuki Kizashi today. It has 140k miles. It's a nice deep blue with grey wheels and window tint. Once we get some better weather (TS Gordan is dumping rain all over Indiana right now) I'll get some pics.

I gotta search around, I'm sure there's a copy of the manual out here somewhere. It took a second to figure out how to open the fuel filler door. I'm still trying to find the interior lights dimmer switch. But I'm new here, I'll figure it out.

First impression, this car is well put together, and is pretty fun to drive. I didn't know what to expect. It's only the second car I've driven with a CVT (and the other I was driving the last week as a rental, a 2017 Nissan Maxima). I've read a lot of negative things about CVT, but I think it's alright. I'd still prefer a manual, but this is the US, we don't buy manuals.

I hope to contribute as much as I ask, but that will take a while. Here's to a long ownership of a good car!
 #47705  by KuroNekko
 Sun Sep 09, 2018 10:52 pm
You'll find a lot of info and advice on the Kizashi here. Which trim did you get? S, SE, Sport GTS, or Sport SLS?

As for the lights dimmer switch, the one for the instrument display and the dash buttons is the stalk in the instrument display window. I don't think there's a way to dim the interior cabin lights if that's what you mean. A tip on a hidden feature: hold down the DISP button for several seconds. You will open up a menu to customize some things.

You've already figured out the fuel filler door but it's essentially like any other door of the car. Unlocking the doors also does so for the fuel door and thus locking the doors also locks the fuel door. I think it's the best system after you get used to it. There is also an override button in the trunk for emergencies.

At your mileage, you should probably service the CVT if it hasn't been already. These are known to whine at higher operating temps after more demanding driving on older fluid.

Lastly, the Kizashi was available with a manual transmission but only as a FWD. However, what was nice is that Suzuki offered the MT with higher trim levels for most model years unlike most other manufacturers which only offer the MT with lower trim models. The Kizashi is actually a rather splendid car as a manual and also makes 5 HP more (185 vs. 180 of the CVT models) and is about 2 seconds faster to 60 MPH than an AWD model.
 #47714  by Ronzuki
 Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:58 am
Howdy and welcome. I have actually grown quite accustomed to, and fond of, the CVT's operation and really like the smoothness (and the paddle shifters) over conventional ATs. What I really, really dislike about it/them is the complete mystery surrounding just about every aspect of servicing the damn things. I'm a big fan of preventative maintenance. For instance, there's a fibrous cartridge type filter in the thing besides the typical metal filter above the pan that doesn't show up in Suzuki's own parts and maintenance docs, anywhere, let alone any mention, at all, of changing fluid in any doc. How's that possible? Many years later we find the TSBs surfacing (last year) regarding fluid changing.

At 140k I'd be looking to swap that fluid asap. You're going to need a lot of it because draining and filling is the only way to change it. And, it ain't cheap. The solution to pollution is dilution I've been told. Flushing systems aren't recommended (per Ammco transmission's service guide) because of that filter on the cooler return line. I'm guessing that filter could be damaged by the process.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the car as much as the majority of us here do.
 #47817  by PapaVanTwee
 Tue Sep 18, 2018 9:09 pm
I'm 500 miles in, and yeah, I'm hearing a little whine when I've been on the road and it warms up, but only under harder acceleration. I'm going to look into doing it myself, but this sounds a bit more difficult than an oil change. I'll probably be okay if I find good instructions on it.

Currently getting 27mpg, with an average 33mph on two fill-ups. The trip computer is about +2 on MPG, telling me around 29mpg each time, which is about par for any trip computer I've used.
 #47822  by Ronzuki
 Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:36 am
Do a couple/three drain/fills and you'll be glad you did. It is really not hard, just a pain to get the level set back correctly. Two drain/fill sequences of mine took 7 quarts. A case of twelve quarts should easily do 3 changes and leave some to spare. Fluid listed for $20/qt at the dealer, I got six for $15.73/qt + tax. Had one quart already I'd bought long time ago. Cheap PM and far less expensive than a dead trans due to old, tired, burnt, spent fluid.