Suzuki Terminates Production of The Grand Vitara and Kizashi

Information regarding future changes to the Kizashi. Press releases regarding the car and motorsports related topics go here.
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I guess we see it coming, but it is official now , it is for India market for now? ... shi-710568
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sad day...

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I'm not really trusting this article because I see a few errors in it. For one, the Kizashi is made in Sagara, Japan and second, the Grand Vitara/Escudo already has a next gen announced that was showcased in Paris this year. It's not a real SUV anymore, but it's not like they are killing off the vehicle like this article makes it sound. Basically, they are doing the same thing Ford did to their Explorer by turning a SUV into a CUV.

More over, I found this article below which seems to suggest the news of the two vehicles' cancellation may not be actually confirmed nor official. ... ls-demise/

That being said, I wouldn't be too surprised if the Kizashi is in fact killed off in the near future. I just need more credible sources to believe it.
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Yeah i doubt the grand vitara would be cancelled i saw the new version
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I'm with you KuroNekko, Indian news is all about spreading rumors rather than truth. I'd want to see a Suzuki press release.
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We really dont need another Carrie remake. They just did one a few years ago, granted it was for TV and it was terrible. Twilight Zone, Im excited to see what they do with it.
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What Kuroneko mentioned is true. The article has several mistakes which makes it not trustable.
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vmendozad wrote: Wed Sep 22, 2021 4:48 pm What Kuroneko mentioned is true. The article has several mistakes which makes it not trustable.
While the article did get some things wrong, we all know now (several years later) that the Kizashi was a one-generation vehicle for Suzuki without a successor. It ended production over five years ago, I believe. The Grand Vitara was also cancelled because it was just an old vehicle and wasn't really made for the markets in Asia Suzuki was going to focus on. The Grand Vitara was really just a Vitara with a bigger engine, largely intended for North America. When the Vitara was redesigned as a CUV, the GV wasn't getting a makeover and lingered on a bit longer in its old form until it ended production.
Suzuki's current global line-up can be found here:
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If Suzuki Auto were still around in the US, a vehicle like the Grand Vitara would make sense right about now, as off-roaders are becoming more mainstream and there’s serious passion and demand behind the segment’s revitalization. Toyota probably has something (new FJ Cruiser?) in the wings. And one of the car reviewers I follow, who went to Nissan HQ in Japan a couple years ago, says there are still some new models to be unveiled; there’s a decent chance a new Xterra could be one of them. Maybe there’s an alternate reality where the Recession didn’t happen, Suzuki didn’t leave the US market, and we’re all able to service our Kizashis more easily and with more peace of mind :lol:

The Jimny would kill it here, too, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t pass US crash safety standards.

…Also, why was this thread dug up? -_-
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