front break pad change

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Greg's Kizzy
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Changed front break pad on a 2010 Kizashi. Now brake pedal goes to the floor no breaks. Has anyone had his problem and what is the fix? Thanks.
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Is this after you turned on the engine and had the brake booster come into effect? If so, it sounds like a hydraulic issue with the brake fluid in the brake lines. Look for leaks around the calipers and brake line hoses of the front brakes. You may have torn a hose or ruptured a component that is subject to brake fluid. Also make sure the fluid in the reservoir is topped off after starting the car and having the brake booster come into effect. After you determine you don't have a brake fluid leak, you may need to bed in your pads, depending on the brake pads for optimal braking performance.

I just replaced all my brake pads last weekend. The fronts are easier to replace than the rears.
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There should have been no need to have any brake lines or bleeders apart or open for this procedure. If you did , you will have to bleed the system. if nothing was open then check level is full and try rapidly pumping the brake with engine running. If still not working , tell me what the fluid looks like in the reserve.
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