What does the 'telephone' button do on the 2006 Sx4 radio unit?

If it has an S on the front you can talk about it here.
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Just bought a 2006 sx4 and was told it has bluetooth on the radio unit. Has two buttons that don't seem to do anything - one has a 'wifi signal' type symbol on it and the other has a picture of a telephone. Can't connect my phone to the radio. Even teenagers are stumped. Manual doesn't show these buttons in the diagrams or have any type of explanation. Anyone know what these buttons do?
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Hi guys,
just picked up a nice SX4 Adventure pack 4x4 hatch for my wife and I want to fit a bluetooth kit to it.
I have a Nokia CKW-7 bluetooth kit that has served well in our other car but trying to find a wiring diagram that shows where I can connect the mute signal from the car BT kit to the stereo has not been successful.

To those with a similar model and stock stereo, what do you use for your phone mute signal or if this is not possible, which BT units are around that you find work well with this radio?

I note that there is a white connector in the back that appears to be for aux in, but can this act as a mute trigger too?

There is also one of those aftermarket Clarion iPod boxes in the glovebox, but I don't know what it connects to yet. It may come out if needed to get the phone handsfree working.

I dont want to change the head unit to get handsfree, unless I can get a factory stock unit with built in BT and aux out 3.5mm socket - just not in a rush to do this. If you have such a radio for sale, let me know (Melbourne, Australia)

Appreciate any help guys.

Stereo is the same as this but not XM...
https://images.crutchfieldonline.com/Im ... /radio.jpg
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I'm seeking out a extraordinary bluetooth telephone solution for my spouse's new vehicle, a 2009 sx4 journey hatch
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