New 2010 SX4 and the kizashi are going to be twins

If it has an S on the front you can talk about it here.
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Ok not really, but we asked for more power so we got it.

SX4: The SX4 gets a new engine; displacement is the same as last year -- 2 liters -- but power is up (150 hp and 140 lb-ft, up from 143 hp and 136 lb-ft). A 6-speed manual replaces last year's 5-speed, and a continuously variable automatic transmission replaces last year's 4-speed automatic. All this results in a 2-3 MPG improvement in EPA fuel economy estimates. Other improvements include a revised instrument cluster and center stack, height-adjustable driver's seat, new seat fabric, illuminated steering wheel stereo and cruise controls, and an improved navigation system. The hatchback is now available with front-wheel-drive; this new model is called the SX4 Sportback, and it gets the same lowered suspension as the Sport sedan. The all-wheel-drive hatchback -- still called the Crossover -- gets an improved cargo bay with an underfloor storage area and a fold-flat seat.
Source ... ew2010.htm

We should probably thank and for helping to make this change come quicker than it would have otherwise.
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I heard about the 2.0. In Europe we only have 1.6 and 1.9 diesel from renault
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Thinking of getting an SX4....

Iam considering purchasing a 2010 SX4 JLX AWD, but i have a few questions/concerns

1- Does the AWD Lock button click into position like in the 2WD mode? In the car I looked at, it would rock towards the lock position but return to the auto position. I think if i pressed it for a few secs it would switch to locked..the lock icon would appear on the dash. Is that normal?

2- The accelerator seems sensitive; just a light press and it would launch forward rather than ease forward. Is that cause of the CVT? Also it sounds "revy" all the time; is that also cause of CVT?

3- This would seem to be the deal breaker. I'm 6'5" and i don't feel too comfortable behind the drivers seat. I would prefer if the seat would go back further. Also my right leg gets tired being bent the way it is rather than more stretched out. Prob would help if it had something to lean against...but theres only the void of the cup holders. Not sure if I would be able to sustain long trips.

Is there anything I should look out for? Known issues? The car i saw has 80,000km. Am i being too critical about the driver seat discomfort? Forgot to mention the seat also seems a bit too narrow for my butt. I am currently driving a Chevy Equinox so maybe i'm too use to a big comfortable car? switching to a smaller one takes getting use to maybe? i did however feel more comfortable in a Fit and a maybe the SX4 just was not meant to be for me? Which would be too bad cause the SX4 had almost everything i was looking for...what do you think?
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1 this is normal operation of that switch. You hold it down for like three seconds I and it goes into lock mode and then automatically unlocks and goes into awd at around 32 miles an hour 2 this also is normal but you get used to it. 3 if you’re going to spend a lot of your time inside a car then the comfort level is extremely important. This is not a model that is built for comfort but basically an entry-level car that has a lot to offer like the all wheel drive system and dependability . I wouldn’t really be buying this if I had to take long trips all the time. I do have a customer that’s even taller than you and he drives an Sx4 because of the generous headroom. He really likes his car. 4 The obvious, its Cvt but with fluid changes every 30k, I would expect it to go 200k before any repairs .

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old tech wrote: Thu Sep 23, 2021 11:30 am 4 The obvious, its Cvt but with fluid changes every 30k, I would expect it to go 200k before any repairs .

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30k miles or kilometers? I’m guessing miles, because if you meant kilometers that would be pretty frequent, no?
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i guess i should be more specific . miles
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