EVAP Canister Leak

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After I took my car to a former Suzuki dealership to deal with the fuel tank recall, a check engine light keeps appearing on my car when the gas tank reaches half a tank. I took my car to my mechanic and he said that my EVAP canister is leaking? Has anyone ever ran into this problem? and if so how did you deal with it?
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It would be beneficial to have the trouble code. the most common evap code the Kizashi is having is P0456. This is triggered usually by the cap not tightened properly or a rust perforation on filler tube. There are other evap codes that may require a replacement canister but these are rare. Make sure the recalls are done on your car. Many owners have gotten the filler neck for free .
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It sounds like the recall work was done improperly. I strongly suggest you take the car back and have the techs check the work and parts. Like Old Tech mentioned, I not only got a new gas tank but a new gas filler neck and gas cap from the recall work.
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