Finally found a stickshift Kizashi GTS with low miles

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Steven Lang
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I found this one in Tennessee with only 71,000 miles. A 2011 GTS model. 6-Speed. Does have a few minor dings and dents but this thing loves the road.

The Kizashi with a 6-speed has always been the one elusive blue whale in my 23 year career as an auto auctioneer and car dealer here in Atlanta. I have owned nearly 3000 cars and driven nearly every single one. I frankly think these are the unsung heroes of the used car market from that era, especially if you row your own gears.

Even the Long-Term Quality Index (which I co-developed) has given it a solid rating when it comes to long-term reliability. If you remove the CVTs it actually has a very high ranking. ... zashi.html

I own a dealership here in Atlanta. My name is Steven Lang. If you're interested and want a Carfax history along with pictures feel free to let me know. I'll be selling it for $7900. ... 23722.html
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I own the same car (2011 Sport GTS with 6 speed manual) and can attest it's a rewarding car to drive and own. It's been rather reliable though had some issues now in higher mileage, which haven't been hard or costly to address.
It was a good idea posting about it here because I know some people are very keen on finding Sport models with manuals. I will be moving the post to Classifieds given the vehicle is for sale.
2011 Suzuki Kizashi Sport GTS 6MT (Black)
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