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I just got a letter from Suzuki in the mail yesterday dated 12/13/18 related to the spider vent recall back in 2014. Basically, Suzuki has found that with some Kizashis that often run in dusty conditions, dust can accumulate in the filter of the vent and possibly cause a blockage, compromising the venting of the gas tank. The letter states that unfixed/non-filtered vehicles also have a risk of blockage from dirt in these conditions too.

However, the letter is a notice of the issue and states that Suzuki is coming up with a solution. Once the repair procedure and parts are available, Suzuki is going to issue a second notice that will likely be the actual recall.

I think many others will be getting the notice shortly. Maybe I got mine a little faster than everybody else given I live in the same county where Suzuki Corporate is located.

Lastly, I want to add that I got this notice because I contacted Suzuki about my warranty earlier this year and in the process, had them associate my Kizashi's VIN to me and my address for purposes like these. I was not the original owner of my Kizashi and didn't do this for most of the time I had my vehicle. I largely learned about recalls and issues with the Kizashi through this forum. It's part of why I'm talking about this latest notice here now.

So, if you are not the original owner of your Kizashi, it's a good idea to call corporate and have them put you on file as the owner of the vehicle in their system if you want to be notified of matters like this.
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Great, thank you. Please post recall info as it is made available. I have not yet received this particular notice. Wonder if they're even going to send it since I have ignored all of their reminders for that stupid shifter recall fix on both our cars.

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