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 #51416  by old tech
 Wed Apr 15, 2020 4:55 am
The original exhaust flex on the Kizashi is of very good quality and usually only fails after being hit by a curb or something in the road. The proper factory repair would be to change the down pipe but it also has a converter in this pipe making it scary expensive. The accepted repair is to cut out the flex and weld in a proper replacement. If the original has about 8 inches of flex , you want to replace it with another one that has about the same flex area or more. Going with a cheap flex that would only have half as much flex area would probably mean replacing it again in a short period of time . You will need a 2 1/4 x 8” flex (Bosal 265-333 ) or 2 1/4 x 10”(Bosal 265-335 ) This 2010 se I’m working with currently, I was able to use the 8” . This Job can be done without removing the downpipe from the intermediate pipe but the nuts for fastening this are usually rusted away pretty badly and may need to be changed anyway. If you’re going to leave the pipe installed you can cut the back of the flex with a sawzall . Next remove 5 bolts on that fasten the down pipe to the manifold and unplug the downstream O2 sensor . Remove the front section of down pipe and finish cutting the flex off. Bolt front of down pipe back up and test fit the 8”. You maybe able to pull the intermediate pipe ahead enough to make it work. If not you’ll have to move up to the 10” flex.Image
Weld what you can reach on the front side of this only . You won’t be able to get to the top without removing the front bolts again, weld and bolt up reusing the front gasket if its intact. this seems to be a dealer only gasket. I’ve reused them every time without any leaks. Now weld the rear of the flex.Image
These flexes should be able to be found for around $20 . If you need to fix up the down pipe to intermediate connection here’s the perfect gasket for thatImage
There is a stiffener bracket mounting the front down pipe flange to the oil pan . This is very necessary. Without this the manifold will crack.

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