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 #51503  by Drem
 Mon May 11, 2020 2:57 pm
Just thought I'd share this cool upgrade with you guys. I have an SLS with AWD which came with the RF system in it, as well as the Kenwood Navigation head unit which was not optional :evil: that I had to pay an additional $1400 for at the dealership when I bought the car new. I never intended to keep any of that because I'm a car audio enthusiast.

I tore all of that out right away and replaced or disconnected all the factory speakers. I have a very specific 1-DIN CD player I wanted to use, so I ended up finding a motorized fold-out screen 1-DIN unit with Nav built in for reverse camera functionality. I hated that unit for years, but the big car stereo companies aren't really putting out anything better these days. I finally discovered a company in China that is making an effort. I bought one and am impressed with it's functionality given the cost. I don't have to worry about its poor output voltage or DAC quality because it has a digital output I can send to aftermarket DSP.

If you want to check them out, google "joyingauto." There are also some units from this brand and others on Amazon, but selection can be spotty. This is the 10.1" 1-DIN version above my CD player. I think I may have went a little big on the screen size, but it's pretty cool. It can do many things an android phone can do, but not all. Amazon Prime Video works, as does YouTube. Hulu and Netflix apps load, but the video doesn't play. It's compatible with all of the car-play apps as far as I am aware. I use Tidal for music streaming which is the app I'm running in windowed mode on the home screen in the picture. It supports live-desktop wallpapers which is what I am using here, but you can't see it because it's a still image, obviously. It has its own EQ and some built-in DSP features too if you were interested in that.

I really like the big screen for my backup camera though!


P.S. Still only have 23198 miles on my Kizashi.