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Suggest new sections, and let us know about any errors that may need to be fixed.
 #10665  by Neipas09
 Wed Feb 15, 2012 5:44 pm
Maybe i'm the only person on here that isn't 15 and mentally retarded on how to post in a forum.
But this site needs more sections to post in.
I'm tired of seeing Q&A posts in the DIY section.
DIY should only contain posts with write-ups on how to do stuff, not asking how to do it!

For the love of god admins, get your shit together and make new sections and start cleaning up the forums!!!
 #10671  by Moto
 Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:16 am
You haven't been around long enough. We had more. They were removed because they were never used. Regardless of the number of forum sections typically only the top two or three are utilized.

As far as admins go... I'm it for now. The other guys who have admin status haven't been on the site much in the last year.

Unfortunately, I have a full-time job and do not have more than a few minutes a day to dedicate to moving things around. Be glad I try to get rid of all the random spam posts that make it on the site. If I didn't ban people every week, you wouldn't even be able to carry on a conversation.

You are welcome to make a few hundred forum posts at which point I will evaluate if you are an ass hole or not and make you an admin. Based on the post above, I do not think you will make the cut.

This site is provided as a free service, and I don't really make any money running it. Being constructive with your comments will be more effective than telling me to get off my ass. Perhaps providing ideas for forum sections would be beneficial.

If you are really bored some day, I would appreciate it if you grabbed all the real DIY posts and consolidated/summarized the content, so we could put it up on the blog portion of the site.

Welcome to the forum, and have a good day.
 #12304  by 11zukizashi
 Tue Jul 17, 2012 5:10 pm
i highly agree there should at least be an audio/video section and an interior/exterior mod section. i keep going to look for scoshe part numbers or bumper black out information and it could be anywhere. at least there is a performance section already to cover suspention and engine mods but i really think we need at least a couple more to be a credible forum, and not just a message board