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 #49418  by kizashiwanter
 Wed Jun 05, 2019 2:51 pm
Patient: Kizashi Sport 2.4 CVT 2010. I have just bought a car. questions
1) I wanted to push harder on the highway. At about 180km/h I started to hear a strange whistle, it intensified with the depression of the gas pedal. Then, after releasing about 130km/h, I needed to press harder, so I press the flappy paddle gear box. No reaction. Gear no change, no error/message popped up. I tried the top/bottom grips, but no reaction. I slowed to 80km/h and tried again, but the effect was the same. When I tried to speed up, the car did not react to gas. I went down to the cove, threw neutral mode, after that threw drive mode and the car started reacting to gas. I accelerated to 70km/h, beat the one gear with a paddle, and as I wanted to break the gear again, it was no longer a reaction. This time, when I added gas, the car was screwed in for only 3 thousand RPM. I stopped again, neutral, drive and moved. I did not touch the blades anymore and I could go on normally. Problems with screwing in and reacting to gas no longer occurred. Any idea what it can be?
2) In connection with the above, I thought that it might be worth replacing the oil in the box. Has any of you practiced it? The car has traveled 140k km and from what I know oil was never mentioned
3) When I arrived in the city, I have the impression that the car started to sound different. He started as if he was hanging on his release. I attach a link to the video. How to listen to this is heard. Link to the video: ... -FxCn/view
 #49430  by Woodie
 Thu Jun 06, 2019 10:47 am
You're pushing an old car with a CVT very hard, I don't know if it's ever going to do well under that sort of pressure. The CVT in general is a bad idea, they're failing quite a lot for all manufacturers. After originally saying that the CVT fluid didn't ever need to be changed, they're now saying it should be changed every 50K km, yours is due for it's third change.
 #49453  by bdleonard
 Fri Jun 07, 2019 6:35 pm
I would certainly recommend a having the CVT fluid and filter changed. The parts and procedure are shown here:

Draining and refilling (then running until warm) 3 times is recommended by Suzuki for a "full" change, as only a portion of the fluid is replaced with each darn and fill.