Coolant for the Kizashi

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documental wrote: Wed Jun 30, 2021 2:51 pm My coolant reservoir cap got lost and as a result my coolant level is basically zero (oops). I'm amazed the car has been driving OK like this for a while, though I've noticed my AC doesn't work properly at speed, which probably relates to the engine overheating.

First I needed a cap, which proved impossible online, but I found a pill-bottle cap that fits perfectly. Hope it won't melt!

Now I need to top up the fluid. The level is so low, I honestly can't tell the colour, but it looks blue.

Looking at using this option to top it up, which Crappy Tire (here in Canadia) claims will work with the car. It's cheap, but do you think it will be good enough?

OEM 50/50 Premixed Anti-Freeze/Coolant, Honda/Acura/Subaru, 3.78-L ... 93080.html

I also might need two bottles to fill it. Not sure of the volume of the reservoir.
Yes, any blue coolant will work as it's a formula designed for most modern Japanese makes. Suzuki is one of them. A 50/50 premix will be good for about 99% of drivers.
Keep in mind the reservoir is technically an overflow container. The cooling system will overflow and draw from that reservoir as needed. The actual coolant that matters is largely contained in the radiator so make sure that is topped off (when the engine is cooled down).
I wouldn't worry too much about that reservoir cap. It's not pressurized so a pill bottle cap should be fine as a replacement.
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it's been around a year since I changed my coolant from Blue into Toyota SSLC (the red one). I decided to remove the thermostat to check for any corrosion. and here is a result
inside of water pump
inside of water pump
no corrosion :D since I removed the thermostat I decided to change to the new one :

so I guess changing blue coolant to red done no harm to the engine.
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