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 #48546  by chazyouwin
 Mon Dec 24, 2018 12:30 am
Got this problem for the first time this a.m. on the 2012 SLS, 30 minutes stuck on the driveway, then 30 minutes stock on the first drive out (Costco), then 10 minutes delayed at the Costco gas station. All kinds of trick used, everything posted except for the fob battery. The fob battery worked to open and shut, but decided to change it anyway. Success! At least for now (three trips, car starting up like a charm).
I hope this works but I don't have a theory as to why it might. Clues, maybe: (1) prior to the battery switch I noticed that the push button on the fob would trigger a slight noise and dash light flash like the car is trying to turn over, before doing the shake-your-wheelie song; and (2) in the past, there had been some issue of contact with the electrical circuit board in the fob and it just needed to be re-arranged.
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