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 #46427  by cristopher.torres
 Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:35 pm
I have a 2010 gts manual trans but ive had a lot of problems with it first the transmission didnt grab reverse without making ugly noices and grinding. The transmission broke 2 months later i bought another one with less milles than the motor but now the car wont grab 2nd 4th and 6th year i used it like that for a week when sudently it dont grab any years any more ...then i got someone to check it out and the shift cable was broken but now i cant find the freaking cable anywhere ...i dont know what to do now so if yall have a cable dont mind telling me so i can buy it from someone from here ...i will appreciate it a lot
 #46429  by Woodie
 Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:32 am
That's going to be a dealer only part I would think. Part # 2830057L00

I see it here for $311, but now that you have the part # you may be able to find it cheaper. ... 0TRANSAXLE

Might try contacting Bradley Owens, he's parts manager of a former Suzuki dealership and specializes in getting parts for good prices. He's a legend in the Swift/Metro community.
 #48910  by redmed
 Mon Feb 25, 2019 6:20 am
TheHolyGhost wrote:I think that the reverse issue is related to the fact that reverse is unsynchronized. First is synchronized so it should be smoother and may help "line everything up" as bootymac says. I find that just double clutching can solve this issue for me.

Thanks for the double clutch idea. Last week I suddenly started having trouble shifting reverse again. Even though I was doing the shift into first before reverse trick that has worked well for me for years. The shifting troubles caused me to think about bleeding the clutch. Even though it was really cold out and I did not want to crawl under the car when it was so cold. I was visually checking the brake fluid and it never seemed to drop. This time I took the top off the brake fluid reservoir and to my surprise the brake fluid level was low, really low. I discovered that the dark section of the brake fluid reservoir I was checking was not the brake fluid level but a dark section of the reservoir itself. BE WARNED take the brake fluid reservoir cap off to check the fluid level. After refilling the brake fluid I could shift into reverse again but not as consistently as before. I started trying double clutching and I can shift into reverse consistently again, Now I can put off bleeding the clutch till it gets warmer.
I was starting to think that maybe I should start thinking of replacing the Kizashi and those where not good thoughts. I will truly miss my Kiz when the time comes.
 #49069  by Swiss_Kizzy
 Sat Mar 30, 2019 9:04 pm
murcod wrote:I've posted a few times on here (as have others eg ... =12&t=1383 ) about shifting issues with the 6spd manual transmission.

I've owned my Kizashi from new - brand new, not a demo. From day 1 shifting into 2nd gear was never 100%. Early on the dealer changed the transmission fluid which improved things a bit - but didn't fix it.

Fast forward over two years and nearly 10000km later :roll: , 2nd gear still didn't like to be "rushed" - until today! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: The solution? Bleeding the clutch - not a full on fluid change, but simply three depresses of the clutch pedal to bleed some fluid out.

The difference is amazing. I can now floor it in 1st and change into 2nd as fast as I want - it goes in smoothly with no hesitation or noise. The clutch action has also changed with the take up point closer to the floor. The gear lever even seem lighter in it's action.

A word of warning - when bleeding the clutch (two person job) the pedal will stay on the floor when the fluid is released from the bleed valve. Don't panic, simply close the bleed valve and then lift the clutch pedal off the floor - it will then work as normal. ;)

Basic clutch bleeding instructions are here: ... 182#p23182

PS: I'd highly recommend removing the air filter box for access - it will make life so much easier and will minimise the risk of spilling corrosive brake fluid.

Have the same issue with 2nd gear but only when engine cold. Thank you for the advice of bleeding the clutch. My has only 40.000miles 2013. Will repport after I do bleeding. I also have one more thing I have noticed. When engine is cold as I engage the clutch there is a clunky noise from clutch. When warm it goes away. I hope everything is fine with the clutch, but somehow I have a strange feel that release bearing makes this sound.