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 #50946  by KIZAWDinKC
 Sat Jan 11, 2020 8:33 am
Does anyone know what this cubed shaped part is below? I've developed an oil leak that's obviously been going on for a while unnoticed until I smelt burning oil inside the car when at a stoplight and tiny bit of smoke from under the hood. I've got the car parked in the meantime because to me it's a fire hazard; dripping oil near on the manifold. So the leak is NOT coming from the valve cover gasket. The valve cover is dry and clean. It seems to be above or around this cubed part that sits just below the exhaust manifold. The empty hole in the photo is the bolt I removed from the exhaust manifold, no oil leaking from there. I know there is a recall about cracked engine block, but I don't have any leaking coolant issues. Just trying to get this oil leak resolved. Otherwise, the car idles and runs as good as it did brand new even with the oil leak. So I don't think I have anything major like a head gasket issue.
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 #50950  by old tech
 Sat Jan 11, 2020 3:19 pm
The cubed part that you’re asking about is just part of the block. There is an oil passage near that which would be going through the head gasket but it’s not a pressure line. I don’t think it’s the head gasket that’s your problem. I think possibly you’re getting oil from the back of the camshaft at the semi circle plug which is integrated with the valve cover gasket.

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 #50953  by KIZAWDinKC
 Sat Jan 11, 2020 10:44 pm
Interesting. There does happen to be some oil seepage inside the semi circular plug and little around the corner of the VC cover/gasket. But no drip going from there to somehow making its way to the top of the metal cubed place on the block just below the manifold. There is a lot of oil gunk on the side of the cube and bottom of the exhaust manifold flange/gasket. But I don't think oil is actually coming from the exhaust manifold of course. I did try cleaning it all up last week and then driving it to see if I could better locate the oil leak. After driving, I'll see some fresh seepage right on top/side of the metal cube area. I might end up just trying to replace the VC gasket and semi circle plug to see if that takes care of it. I kind of want to drop the exhaust manifold too so I can get a better look since the area is so tight and hidden between that and the metal cube. I used a dental mirror and could see the oil gunk right in between the exhaust manifold flange and the metal cube

:( ......….but at the moment, I'm starting to lean towards an oil leak from the head gasket because all of the oil accumulation gunk is just right below the exhaust manifold and I don't seen any smoking gun higher up on the side at the VC or semi-circle plug where anything would have been streaming downwards or dripping. I cleaned it up a little tonight, drive tomorrow, then get a better look afterwards now that I have a better idea of the areas to be looking at.
 #50955  by KIZAWDinKC
 Sun Jan 12, 2020 9:12 pm
Ok, I think I see what might be going on. It's a combination of multiple events. Over the last month, I did notice some burning plastic/oil smell through the vents when the fan was on the 'outside air' setting. It's definitely oil. Anyhow, I've always been aware of occasional white chalky anti-freeze drops or splatter in the front area with the smell of anti-freeze after driving. Never could identify a major anti-freeze leak, It never leaked on the ground; just very minor.

But recently, I pulled into work and got white smoke from under the hood right when the car turned over 100,000 miles. I knew it was anti-freeze and I guess a lot of it happen to get onto the manifold area, but had me wondering if I sprung a big leak. I kept my fingers crossed at the end of the day and got the vehicle home without incident, car stayed within perfect temperature range. After it cooled, I took the radiator cap off and saw the cap spring floating in the antifreeze. The antifreeze is nice, clean, and indication of oil in the anti-freeze. Anyhow, I bought a replacement radiator cap that fits Kizashi. Drove the car again the next evening to the gym, and got a little white smoke from the hood at a stoplight along with that familiar 'burning oil smell'. UGH. Not good. At this point I'm thinking there's an oil leak based on the smell, HOWEVER, white smoke indicates antifreeze LOL. UGH. I also did happen to see a few little dribbles of oil on my garage floor. UGH.

So the next day, I took the plastic cover off the engine, and saw oil gunk around the perimeter of the VC. Looked old, but I do remember spilling oil years ago and thought maybe that's what it was from. I bought some "GUNK" and sprayed the engine block area and VC perimeter and hosed off. Later on I realized there was still oil gunk in some tight hard-to-see areas, but left as-is. The next evening I decided to drive the car and see if I could identify the supposed oil leak. Sure enough, after driving, there was a light brown wet oil stream under the manifold right near the metal cube that dripped onto the metal surface below. Valve Cover was dry around the entire perimeter. Still really could not see where this was coming from though. Seemed to be the head gasket because the VC perimeter was fairly clean/dry with nothing dripped from it.

Last night, I cleaned the area with a shop-paper towel so I could drive it again today and try to identify the leak again. I let the car idle 15 minutes, no leak that I could see. Then, I took the car onto the highway and stopped at Home Depot to pick up an item. Drove car back home on highway. Pulled into driveway, checked under hood.....nothing, no leak after a good hot long run. But there was still the usual fresh anti-freeze droplets a few feet below the recovery tank. But no oil leak near the metal cube like I observed nights before. However, the seam of the VC cover was glistening a little. Nothing dripping, but it was glistening a little with oil as I wiped it with my finger.

So my tentative determination: The white smoke was definitely anti-freeze. The new radiator cap might have solved some of the anti-freeze issue, but there still are drops under the recovery tank that I will resolve later. The wet oil stream under the manifold dripping onto metal parts below I noticed when driving the car previously after cleaning/hosing was probably just additional water mixed with gunk from a tight area since the engine probably was not fully dry even though it sat in the garage all week <--somewhat doubtful, but I think after driving some moisture just dripped or blew out of the tight areas that were still wet (because I hosed it off pretty good days before, lots of water). What I think is happening is very very minor oil seepage accumulates under the VC gasket that drips a little from the front & side after time, then stops. But enough to cause burning oil smell. And it's probably been going on for a year or so. I guess VC gaskets don't necessarily just start profusely dripping oil. I think they might just seep a tiny bit without dripping anything, until the seepage just accumulates under the outside VC lip, and then drips a little over time and also dries up into gunk under the VC lip. But of course, over time, the VC gasket gets worse until it finally does leak badly.

So it looks like I've got a VC gasket to change soon and a very minor anti-freeze issue to investigate that's coming from under the recovery tank or tiny hose that connects it to the radiator. Gosh, it sure looked like oil was coming from the head gasket though. Which seemed like such a bummer, because at 100,000 miles, my Kizashi still runs almost as good as new. Engine & CVT run smooth and quiet, idles nicely. Temp gauge stays just below the mid point like it should throughout the entire drive, no heating issues. So we'll see!!!! The jury is still out on this one!! Hopefully this was just a fluke and the head gasket isn't leaking after all. :drive:
 #51058  by KIZAWDinKC
 Fri Jan 24, 2020 6:16 am
So last Saturday, the kiz was admitted for surgery to replace a VC gasket and receive new spark plugs. I performed the surgery in a surgeon-like methodical way. It was a success. Even added Permatex in the areas that the service manual recommends. I went ahead and added a bead of Permatex around the perimeter to help ensure a better seal. The new VC gasket was installed and VC reassembled to the approx. 2lb ft torque. Waited about 36 hours, then re-torqued the VC bolts to about 5lb ft spec. The kiz pulled through surgery and made a full recovery and is running like a champ with no oil leaks. It's at 100K miles, so I even added a bottle fuel injector cleaner with a full tank of gas because the kiz deserved it for being a good little car!!!! Been driving it to work all's back in action on the roads!! :drive: