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 #51106  by KuroNekko
 Wed Jan 29, 2020 5:13 am
Evanzo7 wrote:This has to be a very rare sight!
Ten of them?!?? ... hare_sheet

It's the Chinese Kizashi owners and from what I can read of the characters in the post, they are in Shanghai. A while back, one of them posted here to let us know they exist and they sound like a close-knit Kizashi fan base and have meets with numerous cars like in the video. Keep in mind that while this forum is an international Kizashi fan site, it's English-based so most of us are from English-speaking nations or understand English. Due to this, I imagine that China and maybe even Russia have some impressive Kizashi fan groups that we simply don't know much about because we don't speak the same language to come together online.
 #51113  by Ronzuki
 Thu Jan 30, 2020 2:07 am
Was directly behind a black FWD model today. 2010-2011 GTS/SLS based on the wheels and lack of sill flaring. May even have been a rare MT based upon the slight roll-back taking off from a dead stop on the inclined Rte 30 off-ramp at Rte 340 this evening when I rolled up behind it initially. Followed it for quite a while. Definitely a local vehicle based upon the non-Zuk dealer badging and license plate frame from where it was purchased last. Never seen this one before, and, is the first one I've seen in a very long time.
 #51154  by LPSISRL
 Thu Feb 06, 2020 4:31 pm
Ron, what do you mean "lack of sill flaring"? Also, my 2011 SLS has the "lightweight" wheels.
 #51155  by Ronzuki
 Fri Feb 07, 2020 8:58 pm
Plain jane like mine...not like the 2012s and 13s. You Avatar pic appears to have the nicer, sportier looking sills along w/ the chromed lip protrusion under the fogs. My GTS looks more like an SE with the better OE wheels of the period. Make sense?
 #51218  by Firefly
 Sat Feb 29, 2020 11:30 pm
Black SLS on FDR Drive in Manhattan, heading south 2/25/20. Looking a bit jaded.
 #51820  by KlutzNinja
 Sat Jul 11, 2020 7:53 pm
I saw a silver Kizashi last week; the first time I’ve seen a silver model driving in the wild. There was an AWD S trim in that color at the used car dealer I got mine at, right as I finished buying my black GTS Sport, however; I’m not sure I count that as driving in the wild, though lol.

But anyway I didn’t notice it at first because we were both in the left turn lane leading to the freeway, and it was a few cars up. I caught a glimpse of the spoiler through a couple windshields in front of me and thought it looked familiar... Then we got the green light and sure enough it was a Kizashi, albeit with smoked taillights, which I’ve never seen in the wild before, either. Can’t help but wonder if it was maybe the same car I saw two years ago at the dealer, now modified. That’s where things ended, though, as I made the turn onto a street instead of the freeway and the silver Kizashi continued onto the freeway. I regret not going on the freeway too because I could have taken the next offramp and still be fine with getting to my destination.

And I have another entry, although perhaps the reverse. There was a house with a red Kizashi on my commute to college; I used to think we were probably the only Kizashi owners in the whole city. I’d seen him driving a few times, but most often just saw the Kizashi parked on their property. While I finished college, I still take part of that route, and unfortunately I can’t remember the last time I saw the Kizashi parked there... It feels like maybe some point late last year. So I’m sad to say that they probably got rid of it or it got totaled. I’ll update if I see it again but I’m not counting on it.

I have a feeling it was a manual version, because the one time we were side by side, on a street that led to the freeway, they shot off faster than I suspect a CVT model could. The dude hauled lol. That was a couple years ago and I’m still bummed I didn’t realize he was next to me until after he took off. It’s really rare to see two Kizashis side by side on the road like that and I doubt it will happen again for me anytime soon, if ever.
 #52116  by Woodie
 Sun Sep 13, 2020 12:39 pm
I'm at the beach (Ocean City, Maryland) for the weekend, getting a nice fresh coating of salt on the car, and a fresh dose of covid into my body. Stepped out onto the balcony for a smoke and right there by my feet is a Kizashi almost identical to mine, parked in the metered street parking. Mine was about 60 feet away in the parking lot between two SUVs, so the owner never knew I was there. I kept an eye that way hoping to see the owner, but they got away while I was napping, drinking, eating crabs, or walking the boardwalk.

It was a 2010 or 11 because it had alloys that looked exactly like mine but not as big, I guess 17". No sunroof or foglights but otherwise identical to my 2010 GTS. Probably from Pennsylvania as it had no front plate.
 #52117  by KuroNekko
 Mon Sep 14, 2020 6:44 pm
Took a trip to Bend, Oregon last week and spotted two Kizashis there. A blue and a black one. Both looked to be SE models. I hadn't seen another Kizashi all year until then, I think. This past weekend, I spotted a grey Kizashi in Costa Mesa, CA on Saturday. I guess the cars are out there but more popular in regions with snow given the available AWD.
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