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 #52422  by NickL
 Mon Nov 23, 2020 2:35 pm
I am also in a search for floormat, but I only need drivers floormat, or driver and codriver. It doesn't matter if its rubber or carpet.

I was wondering if someone knows where on the Internet could I order floormates for Kizashi which are going to be shipped in Europe at a descent price? How much costs the original floormat for Kizzy?
 #52432  by otaku19
 Thu Nov 26, 2020 2:38 am
KuroNekko wrote:
otaku19 wrote:I will definitely do that. I didn't order the "B" type bulbs, but I did index them with the return wire pointing down after reading through the thread. If I recall correctly you put your second LED bulbs pointing Left/Right instead of Up/Down like the VLEDS were

If I recall correctly, the VLEDs didn't have the capability to be indexed. Maybe I'm wrong, I think I would have tried before returning them. The VLEDs customer support staff were great and they didn't suggest indexing so I think it wasn't available at the time. LED bulbs have significantly improved over the last several years and I can now say they are suitable replacements for other types of bulbs.
As for my currently LEDs, they can be indexed but I didn't get to it when I installed them given it was a bit more work and not easily done inside of the Kizashi headlight. I saw that the emitters fired to the left and right so I left them at that. They still scatter light a bit but they are better than the top/bottom firing VLEDs. I'm going to replace my HID bulbs in the low beams soon so I'll try indexing the LED bulbs when I'm at it and try get a pattern close to the halogens if possible.
The new kit in my motorcycle had a niffy indexing system that made it very easy for finetuning. I credit that for the perfect beam pattern. Apparently, the bulb makers now also use emitters specifically designed for automotive use since those are presently available. In the past, they were just putting on emitters from CREE and such never intended for headlight use so they weren't very good for the purpose.

I just got my LEDs in for the high beams and the GTR Lighting LEDs had a nice way to index them. I have them pointing L/R and I thought the Morimoto HIDs were bright until I hit my high beams!! I did have to remove the inner locking portion at the bottom of my dust cap because the heat sink wouldn't allow me to properly close the caps. I am extremely satisfied with the results!! I did remove the L/R covers but for some strange, odd reason, I am not able to adjust my lights U/D or L/R. The adjustment screws move but my light pattern stays the same