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 #49560  by BLyons
 Thu Jun 27, 2019 4:57 am
I recently had my rear bushings and stabilizer links replaced at a shop and I believe they quoted me for 1.25 - 1.5 hours. They did say the bushings were rusted on there pretty tightly.
 #49612  by KuroNekko
 Thu Jul 04, 2019 9:56 pm
Last weekend, I went up the mountains with my brother and his sons. They asked if I could drive and I happily obliged given it was a chance to drive the Kizashi in an alpine environment.
I ended up driving nearly 300 miles last Sunday as it turned into a serendipitous "grand touring" sort of day, driving around four different lakes in the San Bernardino Mountains. Due to a hazmat accident on the Cajon Pass (one of the most dangerous roads in CA), there was a major traffic jam on a planned return route so I took a detour through the high desert to climb back up the mountain on the other side; up to Big Bear and back down the other side. While the car sometimes required quick downshifting in the steep curves as we ascended past 8000 ft, it was a beautifully engaging experience. It ran nicely even at that altitude with four occupants. It then reminded me of what the Kizashi is very best at: a budget but competent touring car. It's comfortable and reliable yet a delight to drive whether soaking up the miles on a desert highway or the twisties on an alpine road. No one minded the 3 hour detour as the Kizashi whipped back up the mountain and then back down again. Given the car is such a competent daily commuter, I sometimes forget how delightful it is as a grand touring car.

Love this car.
 #49614  by Ronzuki
 Fri Jul 05, 2019 12:15 am
Sounded like a very delightful day of motoring...even w/ the unplanned 'detour'. Drove up to Big Bear in a full size Merc (or Ford) sedan rental from LA 20 years ago while in LA on biz. Uninspiring driving machine for certain, but the scenery to and fro was very enjoyable.
 #49635  by KuroNekko
 Sun Jul 07, 2019 9:11 pm
Ronzuki wrote:Sounded like a very delightful day of motoring...even w/ the unplanned 'detour'. Drove up to Big Bear in a full size Merc (or Ford) sedan rental from LA 20 years ago while in LA on biz. Uninspiring driving machine for certain, but the scenery to and fro was very enjoyable.

Interesting as 20 years ago, I had just moved to those mountains and was learning how to drive up there. My first car was a Suzuki Sidekick JX 4 door. Had many great mountain adventures in that solid reliable but wheezy thing. :lol:
 #49697  by OliverB
 Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:38 pm
Replaced the rear swaybar bushings and the swaybar end links at every corner. Didn't think the ones installed were so thin compared to the moog branded ones that ended up replacing them. Also finished sandblasting my OE double spokes wheels. Just need to powdercoat/paint them. I'm been incredibly lazy with finishing that up and as a result, I'm still driving on winter tires... :facepalm:

 #49713  by rossirob73
 Wed Jul 17, 2019 5:50 pm
Ronzuki wrote:Damn...not what I wanted to hear. Just changed it out and whining again, or still?? I'd go the full three myself. Maybe even 4 if you're going to keep auto-crossing and you're not dropping the pan or changing the cartridge filter. As I'm sure you know, either process yields quite a bit more fluid draining out of the trans after the initial drain from pulling the plug.

After seeing how much 'clearer' the SX4's fluid was during the initial drain at ~55k miles as compared to the last of the 3 drains on the Kizashi at ~80k (and accounting for the abusive way I drive the K), I'm operating under the premise that after not servicing it at all for 80k, two drains on the Kizashi at the next service I plan on at 95-100k is not going to be anywhere near good enough. I'd ration the same for yours as well since it's whining again/still.

On a good note, it was 90 degrees F yesterday on the way home and after a spirited 45 minute drive, then finishing up with a really nice hard romp through the hills-n-twisties, it was still pretty darn quiet when I rolled up to the last stop sign and took off again. A good sign after about 6k on the 'new-er' fluid.

Based upon reports on this forum, I'm also fairly convinced the Japanese built CVTs used in the 2010s and early 2011s are less problematic through the long haul than the units built 'off-shore' elsewhere.
Complete speculation on my part, but seems that way to me.
Maybe a different trans oil was used in the begining. Hence the difference

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 #49717  by Tom Kizzie
 Wed Jul 17, 2019 8:40 pm
I follow this forum everyday and read a lot about the cvt but i also must say i dont know about cvt troubles for the Netherlands. But there are only about 100 cvt kizashis over here and i only "know" a few of them.
 #49900  by Ronzuki
 Sat Aug 03, 2019 12:30 pm
Nothing exciting...after a fresh M1 full-syn oil change, and the monthly-ish bottle of Techron last week, fuel efficiency has jumped back up to 30.1 mpg this week via paper-n-pencil (HUD says 28.6). After usual daily commutes of mixed driving w/ constant A/C usage.

87,588 miles. CVT whining is barely perceivable after last falls fluid dumps 6-7k miles ago, and it's been very hot last several weeks. So the Kiz is GTG...although, I need tires badly. Inner edges are all at the "slicks" stage. Gripping (lack of) in the twisties is a problem now even on this dry hot pavement. Constant squeal-fest with only some mild push in the curves. Don't know which way to proceed (cheap-cheap or mildly pricey)...hoping these Kumhos continue to last through the fall (after throttling back on the hammering some) allowing me to worry about replacing them during its winter hiatus for next spring/summer. Any suggestions? Wet grip in the twisties and quiet are priorities, snow/ice grip is not a priority, at all.
 #50060  by Sasha-CR
 Wed Aug 07, 2019 12:50 am
Hey guys,

A quick intro: bought my first kizashi in 2012 (MY 2011 brand new, 6mt S), which eventually my sister kept, crashed and traded for an Escape (she regrets that dearly now). Years and cars later I bought a GTS cvt, sold because I started commuting by public transportation, then eventually toyed around with subbie tuning (was very fun, but very expensive) until I got tired of wrenching the wrex and tow trucks.. So I went back to my original favorite car.. the good ol Kizashi. Looked around for another manual, and bam back in business.

Problems with the first one: Alignment issues from factory made it vibrate past ~70mph. Went through several dealer calls and tires before it was corrected. That was basically the only issue ever. That one went to about 80k before it was traded in.

Second one: CVT tranny overheated a couple of times. Eventually I found out my tires were slightly different all around.. (bought it that way) and never realized until this gremlin. Getting all new rubbers solved the issue for me. Other than that, all great. I forget the mileage on that one. I think it was about 60k when I bought it and dont remember where it went to.

Third one (current): When I got it the rear brakes made noise but had meat on the pads. Thought the rotor was rusted from sitting for so long. This one was repo'd twice, and has pretty nasty damage to the driver pillar because of the forced break-ins. Anyway, I bought pads and rotors.. but several thousand miles later the problem is back. I think I made a mistake by not greasing the guides.. Will do the job again soon.. Unfortunate, because I have since moved to Costa Rica, where parts for this car are not easy to come by. Import duties make parts overseas literally twice (or more) as expensive. Anyway, other than the brakes, there is a constant thud coming from the rear on bumps.. I looked and it appears my right rear shock is leaking, but I don't know if the bushings are going too... would think so, its a 12 with 130k km on it now (bought with 60k miles).

Other than those issues, this latest one (all my kizashis are called Sasha. first one was the original, this one is technically Sasha the third) also went through about three sets of headlights for some reason (the original, plus a replacement for both, plus a replacement for one). Don't know why, hope it doesn't continue this way.. lol.

Current tires are hankook 18s (I forget which), riding on tenzo r wheels, and it handles excellent. The GTS sport felt like it had less body roll on corners.. not sure if it was in my head.. been a while.. But this one seems plush enough to feel comfortable, but when pushed it responds well.. so.. Loved it on day one, love it several years later.

Finally the original reason for this post (I could write books about this car): I recently took a trip to a beautiful lake and mountains with Sasha. Was the longest trip I've done here. The terrain was very hilly, and when I say very I mean it.. the roads here have slopes of up to and over 25% !!! There are roads here which small cars, bad cars, overloaded, bad drivers etc just cannot make it up the hill (overheating of the engine, trans, losing momentum and power, clutch, etc) but the kizashi exhibits no issues whatsoever.

I did some calculations and the total elevation change of my trip (one way) was about 16000 feet. So the total for both was 32000. That is quite a lot! basically it was several long descents and hillclimbs. Also lots and lots of twisties. I was trying to be easy on my brakes so I had her purring at 5k for a little while in second gear down a descent, and downshifting constantly. I find that she takes corners really well when you unload the front by applying gas.. feels like its on rails sometimes.. (mind you the wrex never inspired as much confidence even with its 4wd!).

Anyway.. if I dont stop myself I could ramble on all night.. So. in summary, I love this car.
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