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 #50061  by KuroNekko
 Wed Aug 07, 2019 7:32 am
Sasha-CR wrote:Hey guys,

A quick intro: bought my first kizashi in 2012 (MY 2011 brand new, 6mt S), which eventually my sister kept, crashed and traded for an Escape (she regrets that dearly now). Years and cars later I bought a GTS cvt, sold because I started commuting by public transportation, then eventually toyed around with subbie tuning (was very fun, but very expensive) until I got tired of wrenching the wrex and tow trucks.. So I went back to my original favorite car.. the good ol Kizashi. Looked around for another manual, and bam back in business.

Problems with the first one: Alignment issues from factory made it vibrate past ~70mph. Went through several dealer calls and tires before it was corrected. That was basically the only issue ever. That one went to about 80k before it was traded in.

Second one: CVT tranny overheated a couple of times. Eventually I found out my tires were slightly different all around.. (bought it that way) and never realized until this gremlin. Getting all new rubbers solved the issue for me. Other than that, all great. I forget the mileage on that one. I think it was about 60k when I bought it and dont remember where it went to.

Third one (current): When I got it the rear brakes made noise but had meat on the pads. Thought the rotor was rusted from sitting for so long. This one was repo'd twice, and has pretty nasty damage to the driver pillar because of the forced break-ins. Anyway, I bought pads and rotors.. but several thousand miles later the problem is back. I think I made a mistake by not greasing the guides.. Will do the job again soon.. Unfortunate, because I have since moved to Costa Rica, where parts for this car are not easy to come by. Import duties make parts overseas literally twice (or more) as expensive. Anyway, other than the brakes, there is a constant thud coming from the rear on bumps.. I looked and it appears my right rear shock is leaking, but I don't know if the bushings are going too... would think so, its a 12 with 130k km on it now (bought with 60k miles).

Other than those issues, this latest one (all my kizashis are called Sasha. first one was the original, this one is technically Sasha the third) also went through about three sets of headlights for some reason (the original, plus a replacement for both, plus a replacement for one). Don't know why, hope it doesn't continue this way.. lol.

Current tires are hankook 18s (I forget which), riding on tenzo r wheels, and it handles excellent. The GTS sport felt like it had less body roll on corners.. not sure if it was in my head.. been a while.. But this one seems plush enough to feel comfortable, but when pushed it responds well.. so.. Loved it on day one, love it several years later.

Finally the original reason for this post (I could write books about this car): I recently took a trip to a beautiful lake and mountains with Sasha. Was the longest trip I've done here. The terrain was very hilly, and when I say very I mean it.. the roads here have slopes of up to and over 25% !!! There are roads here which small cars, bad cars, overloaded, bad drivers etc just cannot make it up the hill (overheating of the engine, trans, losing momentum and power, clutch, etc) but the kizashi exhibits no issues whatsoever.

I did some calculations and the total elevation change of my trip (one way) was about 16000 feet. So the total for both was 32000. That is quite a lot! basically it was several long descents and hillclimbs. Also lots and lots of twisties. I was trying to be easy on my brakes so I had her purring at 5k for a little while in second gear down a descent, and downshifting constantly. I find that she takes corners really well when you unload the front by applying gas.. feels like its on rails sometimes.. (mind you the wrex never inspired as much confidence even with its 4wd!).

Anyway.. if I dont stop myself I could ramble on all night.. So. in summary, I love this car.

Welcome. Given your post, I can tell you that you've found the perfect home for your passion for the Kizashi.
With your experience with three different Kizashis, it looks like you've experienced some of the annoyances with the car too. The early models had bad alignment from the factory which quickly wore out the factory tires unevenly. Suzuki updated their alignment specs which fixed the issue. The rear shocks are also susceptible to premature failure due to a bad bump stopper design that trapped moisture and caused corrosion of the rear shocks. A newer design fixed this issue so when you replace the rear shocks, make sure you get the revised bump stoppers. There is a very detailed thread on here all about this issue.

The Kizashi isn't known for brake issues so it sounds like you may just need more lube on the caliper components and shims. I upgraded my brakes to slotted rotors and high performance ceramic pads which improved the already-great braking of the Kizashi without creating much noise or brake dust.

Which trim do you currently have for your manual trans model? It sounds like you don't have a Sport model so maybe the S again?

Despite the obscurity of the Kizashi in the general public, I love driving mine too. I find it rewarding to drive while being a reliable and secure car to operate daily. I currently have about 89,000 miles on my 6 speed 2011 Sport GTS and plan to keep this car for a lot longer. In fact, it will likely be my last conventional ICE vehicle but I'm not ready to part with it anytime soon.
 #50063  by KuroNekko
 Wed Aug 07, 2019 7:39 am
Oh, I forgot to add that the Kizashi's halogens are prone to premature failure as well. Bulb replacements are a huge pain in the ass given they require the removal of the bumper and headlights to have the clearance to install the bulbs in most cases. I've been running HIDs and LEDs from early on and these have offered superior lighting with far better longevity. I've been running my HIDs on the original bulbs and ballasts for over 5 years!
 #50065  by Ronzuki
 Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:47 am
Hills and heat are not the Kizashi CVT's best friend. Unit is border-line undersized for the car and engine. Keep on top of the fluid changes especially w/ the kind of driving you've described. Despite what's NOT in the manual for servicing the trans, it needs its fluid changed routinely just like any other transmission fluid. Maybe even more so. Downside is it's super expensive here in the U.S. IMHO, so likely crazy high for you to obtain where you are. You don't want to have to source a used CVT in unknown condition in your situation. Tons of threads on the forum regarding CVTs and its fluid. After reading if you have any questions, just ask.

The Kiz was designed for the twisties :drive:
 #50072  by Sasha-CR
 Wed Aug 07, 2019 7:14 pm
This last one is a US-spec 2012 S 6MT I changed the steelies for alloy rims but other than that everything is stock.

In this country the only Kizashi sold was the top of the line model without awd. Apparently, it was like a luxury car here, so they didn't bother bringing other trims. With this in mind, there actually may be more cvt parts than mt parts, as all MT are imported by individuals here.

As for the shocks issue, I remember seeing the posts years ago and the other ones never developed the issue. This one did, but only once it met the gnarly roads of CR :D

So, i went ahead and bought replacement boots as well from kyb which apparently take into account the revision of the Suzuki part. Parts should be coming this week

I get lots of compliments, but especially of people that drive it or ride in it. I get a nice feeling Everytime I sit in it.
 #50216  by Ronzuki
 Fri Aug 09, 2019 12:38 pm
Been leaving for work earlier and couldn't see squat in the pre-dawn fog yesterday morning. Got to work an realize both low-beams were out. A pair of Phillips Vision bulbs, lasted 3 years almost to the week. I routinely drive with all of my lights on quite often.

Stopped at Pep Boys on the way home, same bulbs $37 for same pair. :shock: I walked up to the counter guy, dude older than me, and he said damn those are expensive. I said what else you have? "Champion, mechanic's parts. They're not in the fancy packaging hanging out there." Never hurts to ask aye? Went w/ the OE Champion H7s that their mechanics install in cars they work on. Behind the counter bulb in a simple cardboard box, made in China or Korea, $3.99 each. Work just fine. We'll see what kind of life they give. The Phillips Vision are made in the P.R.C. as well, so I'm thinking this is a no brainer.
 #50631  by BLyons
 Sun Oct 20, 2019 4:37 pm
My Morimoto HIDs started acting up again where the drivers side low beam wouldn't always turn on. So I went through the process of swapping parts one at a time from driver's side to passenger side until the problem moved to find the bad component. After swapping the relays, it had jumped to the passenger side, but before the new relays even arrived it had somehow switched back to the driver's side. After swapping literally every component and relocating the ground with no solution, I finally just decided to scrap the whole system.

I saw that Morimoto has a pretty good looking LED set and decided to give those a shot, since their pictures do show that they maintain a stock cutoff in a projector housing. Mine was missing one of the adapter harnesses, but luckily I had one from the HIDs and the design was basically the same. Install went decently, but the retainer clips were a pain in the ass to get into position because the base of the LEDs does not have the recessed groove for the clip to fit nicely into it. Everything fits into the housing well and allows room for the cap to go back on. The light seems brighter and a little more spread out than the HIDs, but that could be because it comes on instantly rather than having a warm up, and I'd been driving with one light for most the prior few weeks. I was following a friend last night and they said the lights didn't seem too bright, so hopefully that means it's not an issue to anyone else. The fans on them are fairly loud though. From in the cabin, they're basically as loud as if the A/C was turned on, and are definitely audible when the radio is off. Hopefully these last the rest of the car's life.
 #50637  by rav_andres
 Mon Oct 21, 2019 4:12 pm
I been doing some upgrades to the audio, change the stock non rockford head unit with and android unit, 4gb ram, 64gb of internal memory, Dasaita MAX6 7 inch. Installed a new 4 channel amp to power up the speakers (alpine ktp445u) and one monoblock amp (a rockford) for the subwoofer that fits perfect where the "OEM Rockford amp" goes. The sound improvement was huge and the new functions in the head unit refresh the car up to modern days.
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 #50683  by DrStrange
 Fri Nov 01, 2019 4:24 pm
rav_andres wrote:I been doing some upgrades to the audio, change the stock non rockford head unit with and android unit, 4gb ram, 64gb of internal memory, Dasaita MAX6 7 inch. Installed a new 4 channel amp to power up the speakers (alpine ktp445u) and one monoblock amp (a rockford) for the subwoofer that fits perfect where the "OEM Rockford amp" goes. The sound improvement was huge and the new functions in the head unit refresh the car up to modern days.

And the reverse camera work?

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