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 #48491  by OliverB
 Fri Dec 14, 2018 9:38 pm
WESHOOT2 wrote:Burlington Mitsubishi on Shelburne Rd in Vermont, near Burlington.

Anyone in particular? I could make a detour :drive:
 #48492  by KuroNekko
 Fri Dec 14, 2018 9:39 pm
Akshat wrote:
KuroNekko wrote:
Akshat wrote:Hello! This is my first post here, I was not really surprised to find a club dedicated to the kizashi as I feel that it is an above average vehicle, which for idiopathic reasons, just didn't sell in the numbers it should have had.
That aside, I have a black CVT one(FWD), which has done close to a 100k miles. I have never changed the transmission fluid. I am a bit apprehensive about changing it now, as it runs the way it was bought, if not better. Is it mandatory to change it for it to last, or should I wait for some symptoms to indicate changing it?

I think the other replies have made the general consensus rather clear.
The whole "lifelong" fluid claim that many automakers have pushed recently have been exposed to really mean "as long as we care for". A number of insiders like dealer mechanics have exposed that companies that state "lifelong" consider that to actually be 100,000 miles. Beyond that, automakers don't really care as their warranties would not cover the vehicle and profitability declines for that specific vehicle overall. However, it should be obvious that this is a problem given there are millions of people around the world that expect and depend on their cars to run long past reaching the six digit figure on the odometer. This is why many who want to keep their cars a long time are now reverting back to the scheduled maintenance they used to follow before these "lifelong" claims.

Here's another way to think of it: The Kizashi's CVT's fluid was considered "lifelong" fluid with no service interval. However, the manual transmission had a service interval at something like every 60K miles for the OE semi-synthetic gear oil and every 30K or so for any other. I'm using premium quality Red Line full synthetic gear oil in my manual transmission gearbox yet changing the fluid at least every 40K miles. Compared to a manual, an automatic is far more sophisticated and sensitive to everything from fluid condition, fluid amount, heat, and load. It makes no sense to me how then a CVT can have no service interval for fluid replacement yet a vastly more simple and durable manual trans has a shorter interval. While they obviously don't work the same way for an equal comparison, consider the fact that manual gearboxes seldom ever break for any car meanwhile CVTs are a leading cause of problems for cars with them.

I think if you replace the CVT fluid with the proper stuff and refill it to the correct level, you will extend the service life of your CVT.

What you say definitely makes sense for me as my car has reached six figures, and it runs flawlessly with no squeaks and rattles, and I would like to run it till the wheels fall off.
In other thread I read you mentioning that the CVT has a very low tolerance for the fluid level and that the amount should not be more what ever happens.
So I've decided that I'll measure the drained fluid and put in only the amount that came out.
I feel a CVT flush would be more complicated and their would be more chances of something going wrong, so will just change the oil for now.
Now the main thing, what oil should I use? Nissan ns-2 is good?

I believe Ronzuki is the one who stated about the specific fluid levels and requirements as he has a CVT and I have a manual trans. However, I would agree.
In fact, Ronzuki recently posted about servicing the CVT including a filter replacement. At your mileage, I think that is advisable. From what I can tell, the filter replacement and fluid refill for a CVT isn't much different from a conventional automatic, which I have experience with.

As for the correct fluid, I believe Ronzuki and others have discussed this as well. The safest would be the OE Suzuki CVT fluid but I think a number of aftermarket fluids would meet the requirement. I believe there is a Pennzoil synthetic CVT fluid that explicitly lists compatibility with Suzuki models.
 #48496  by honsonwong
 Sat Dec 15, 2018 1:28 am
Last time when my Kiz around 110,000 kms, I took it to the Dealer (Kia now in Vancouver BC, Canada) to have the service. I asked should my Kiz needed to change the CVT fluid, the technician replied that it should be done after 200,000 kms.
 #48497  by Ronzuki
 Sat Dec 15, 2018 3:46 am
WESHOOT2 wrote: I still suggest CVT fluid services be done by someone experienced with the model.

I'm experienced now :mrgreen:
 #48502  by OliverB
 Sun Dec 16, 2018 12:08 pm
WESHOOT2 wrote:
Anyone in particular? I could make a detour

When you call (802 865-4400) just tell them Tim Gray sent you.....

Will do, cheers!

Ronzuki wrote:
WESHOOT2 wrote: I still suggest CVT fluid services be done by someone experienced with the model.

I'm experienced now :mrgreen:

Oh you... :lol:
 #48521  by Akshat
 Wed Dec 19, 2018 10:09 am
Ronzuki wrote:The process to change the fluid and correctly set the level in our CVTs is not a simple one. Read all about it in the FSM. A lot of opportunity to do it wrong (even for the "factory trained" guys). Incorrect level can be devastating to any trans let alone the fickle CVTs. Hence why I haven't bothered.

So you haven't changed the fluid in your car?
 #48525  by Ronzuki
 Wed Dec 19, 2018 3:11 pm
Akshat wrote:Oh now I realise, you did it yourself! Amazing! :D

Nothing Amazing about it really. Others here have done it as well. Setting the level w/o the scan tool isn't scientific, and the process, as Kuro stated, is similar to any conventional auto w/ the exception of the cooler return filter cartridge. I simply ran it hard on a warm day (my normal-sh driving style) and topped the level off per the TSB that came out July 2017. Not enough fluid and it'll make some funny noises other than the usual everyday whine (if you're familiar w/ it) until the level is correct. Seems to be working out well thus far w/ no ill effects.