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 #46446  by sgtsampay
 Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:29 pm
Hello all. Well I have an update on my original trouble. I don't know if it me getting used to how the car performs or what but over the past few snow storms i have had no troubles. I have noticed and learned when the awd system will kick on and learned to be patient with it. Its not an instant thing and there is a slight delay but overall it works well. I still haven't gotten stuck in any storm or anywhere for that matter and never had the awd heat trouble again. I also have been leaving T/C on as well. Overall I still love the car but I'm done with winter and looking forward to spring. thanks again all for the help and ideas you gave me.

Side note about the post asking about tires: I'm not very helpful in tire selection and wouldn't be able to give a good recommendation for any snow tires except a blizzak if you can fine them for your car. However I'm sure there are others and even better ones out there as well.
 #46903  by Hman127
 Fri Apr 13, 2018 1:46 am
Being new to forum and not yet a Kizashi owner I am not that experienced in how It handles In snow. I wll attest to what others have said also that Fwd with snow tires Is much better, but I always like the added bonus of the rear wheels assisting the vehicle especially going up hills and being at stop lights. I have hated past times being at a stop light or hill when I have some big Jeep or Big truck behind me and my front tires are doing nothing but spinning. Also living In the East coast and where there are hills all over Awd Is king. The thing to remember Is that It's like an extra assistant. Working for a dealer I have driven many cars in all types of conditions. I believe whatever Is going on with said vehicle Is a malfunction of sorts. I may add as all surely know In parts where lots of snow fall that a snow or winter tire Is best, since at 32 or below all season tires harden to the point where snow and ice gets packed in the tread. Yet winter tires compound stays soft throwing snow and ice back out of tread and chugging along. All season tires are a compromise, although some are better than others.