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 #46229  by Moto
 Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:05 am
There is an easy opportunity to support the site and improve your browsing experience.
Brave is a new browser with built-in Ad Blocking. Check out the browser. You won't be sorry. It may be the best browser for phones.

The browser allows you to support your favorite sites directly.
(The founder of Brave is the same guy they founded Mozilla and FireFox)

If you are on a PC go here and download the Brave browser.
<- Updated Link

Once you install the browser -> Click the three dots on the top right side and go to settings. -> Payments
And then after a second a little button should appear that says claim funds (or tokens).

Once you have your BAT tokens you can assign where you would like them to go. Go to Kizashi club and browse the site as you normally would. After a few seconds, you should see Kizashi Club appear in the list of sites. Click the little thumbtack and enter a percent value you would like to assign for the month.

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Anything is appreciated.
Enjoy your new browser.
Thank You