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 #46782  by KuroNekko
 Sun Mar 25, 2018 7:54 pm
Given the extensive debate between Ronzuki and I on this topic, I was somewhat surprised to see this new thread pop-up but it's a bit different in focus, I guess.

To answer the question specifically, no, I'm not too interested in autonomous driving technology for myself. I like to drive and the driving experience is critical to me. Hence, I seek out manual transmission models so it's more engaging. I researched the Kizashi extensively before I bought one and read many reviews to make sure it was a "driver's car". I can easily tell a "driver's car" from a transportation appliance.

That being said, I can't deny that the technology will be very useful and even life-changing for some. It will go beyond just safety and convenience for those who are drunk, exhausted, busy, etc. and offer independence for those who are currently excluded from driving. Autonomous vehicles will allow the disabled, injured, and the blind to travel more independently. Wounded veterans would have better ways to get around and get back to their normal lives after their sacrifice. People with epilepsy and other disorders can travel with less worry. The physically disabled won't need as many extensive modifications to just operate their cars. The blind can also rely on personal vehicles for maximizing efficiency in their lives instead of relying on others or public transportation. Personally knowing a very independent completely blind person, I can see how this technology can open a new realm of independence.
In essence, what seems like an unnecessary feature for us can be life-changing to others who are currently excluded from operating a vehicle independently.

Whether we like it or not, the technology is coming and I am convinced it's for the better in a societal sense. That being said, I don't think it will threaten human-driving. I think steering wheels and pedals will be around for a long time. I don't think laws will move them to obsolescence, but it will be more from consumer choices. I think the manual transmission is a good example. It's still around but dwindling in numbers because consumers are simply not buying them in a general sense. However, for some specific cars, they are very popular and manual versions make up a good percentage of the model sold. In the same manner, I think some models will remain human-driven due to their niche consumer market while others become more and more autonomous.
 #46800  by LPSISRL
 Tue Mar 27, 2018 1:38 pm
Nope and never. I'll never trust it. Too many variables and I like driving too much. I was racing my tricycle around the basement on two wheels when I was three. 99% of the time I'm in a car, I'm driving. If I won't let my wife, dad, brother, etc drive, I'm not going to let a computer either.