Aftermarket head unit replacement.

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Hi everyone, UK member here. About to buy my 2nd Kizashi having owned Citroens for a few years after my last Kizashi was totalled by another car. I would like to swap out the factory head unit for an aftermarket unit hopefully for something with built in satnav and I would like to keep the hands free functionality and have the steering column controls continue to work. I know the head unit has to be of the double din variety but I don't know what additional wiring would be required and also how difficult it will be to find an aftermarket blank for the centre console. I only really have Halfords as a high street store to visit but their range doesn't seem to be very extensive and to be honest even when I owned my first Kizashi, speaking about it drew blank stares from most people so I'm not holding out much hope they'll know what I'm talking about.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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