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Find out what others are paying for insurance on the Kizashi. Let members know what kind of financing and insurance rates they can expect to see.
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Man, I need to go back and check now. I wanna say I'm paying $300-ish for full coverage. I haven't paid off Azumi yet.

Actually, I refinanced her this month 2 years ago because I thought the $270/month I was paying seemed excessive for a car with almost no resale value, and after just having my daughter, money was starting to get a little tight.

When my Subaru started having oil issues, I decided to trade it in, and got a pretty good deal on a low mileage Chevy Cruze Eco. After taking the stupid long loan plan for the Cruze, and refinancing Azumi, if I was making the minimum payments for both cars, I'd be paying like $315/month, which seemed reasonable for two cars.
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Mine is about $450/6-months with high liability limits, high medical payment limits, and the lowest deductibles offered (plus some other things like death/dismember benefits, Emergency Roadside Service, etc). For me, this is a relatively "high" premium. However, as I work for the company, I have access to the reason why. The Suzuki is very costly to repair after being involved in an accident. Our evaluation based on actual repair experience shows that the Kizashi repairs cost something like 10% more than those on my Mercedes coupe. I'm betting the eight $2000 airbags have something to do with this high repair figure...
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Mine is $458/6 months for comprehensive with fairly normal limits and $500 deductible.

This comparison is not very useful because location makes a monstrous difference. People in different parts of the country are going to have wildly varying rates. I'm in Washington DC where the traffic is insane, but I'm 60 with a clean record and only drive 5,000 miles a year, so those two things balance each other out. When I moved five miles to my current location (inside the DC Beltway) my rate went up $100, nearly 25%.
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Whatever the rate is ,pay it and don’t skip adding comp. These Kizashi’s seem to be deer magnets. I’ve fixed quite a few . I have a couple that are repeat offenders. The insurance companies are very quick to total them because of lack of parts available and the rental charges of waiting on them. My suggestion is to buy the car back and stitch it back together. This car collided with a deer and was deemed totaled Image
I repaired it for my customer for cost of $1900. Hood and hinges , radiator and support, L headlight and bumper cover and it to the enhanced inspection station . This will be the 3rd R title for this same car.Image

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