Kizashi Homelink Rear View Mirror Wiring

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Hey everyone. New Kizashi owner here (2010 SE model) and I didn't know where else to go for this so hopefully someone can help :) I just recently picked up an autodimming mirror to replace the basic stock one and was wondering if anyone has a wiring diagram for it. The mirror is a Gentex 536 that came out of another Kizashi (seems to be a standard mirror for a higher trim but I could be wrong). Thanks in advance for any help!
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Welcome Krilly !

If it was originally an option on the Kizashi then it probably just plugs in. I suspect it was not as when I googled it I got many reviews and such. Just type Gentex 536 into your search bar and you'll get this: ... Gentex+536
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I think it was standard on the expensive models.. SLS? For Europe i know all kizashis have it. Exactly the same as the picture from the link. I like it a lot.
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