Heated Power Seat Installation

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Ezm3 wrote: Fri Sep 04, 2020 9:14 pm Great write up. I recently acquired a 2010 GTS with black cloth and non heated seats.

If I purchased a set of leather heated seats, you are saying all I'd need to purchase would be the center stack piece to enable this feature? Very tempting if I can find an interior if so.

Post some pics of your new (and RARE) 6mt GTS when you can buddy... So glad you jumped on that deal and got the 6-speed! So cool.
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AirRideFan wrote: Thu Sep 02, 2021 5:20 pm
Dudddde...that is SOOO cool. I love stuff like this. You put the tan backs on the new black leather-trimmed seats, too!? That looks so cool. And I agree with KlutzNinja-- If they made the Blue with Black Interior----I'd HAVE to have one of them. You prob have the only Kizashi with this color combo! Nice job man.

Where did you acquire the seats-- a local junkyard or U-Pull-and-Pay, I'm guessing?? They look so great though! wow...
It happened to be from a salvage yard that had the full set listed on eBay for about $650 (freight included). Likely a bit more expensive than finding an interior locally, but there just aren't many listed around these parts. The eBay listing had excellent photos of all of the pieces, so I knew the full set was in very good condition, without spending loads of time hunting around for something local(-ish) in decent condition.
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